Protestors Go Too Far Trying to get at Walker.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and the students and staff at Messmer Preparatory Catholic School were all targets of an obnoxious protest on Friday, August 26, 2011.

Not only was this action a blatant racist attack from the Walker protestors of Wisconsin; these so-called “protestors” scared the young children and parents of Messmer Prep. Messmer Preparatory Grade School is one of the most successful, majority Black schools in the state and yes it is also a Choice School! On Friday they received a visit from Governor Walker who was there to tour the school and read to students.

The incident Friday was embarrassing for kids to see. It showed adults at their worst and most despicable form. It is not a coincidence these terrorists and thugs picked a predominantly Black school to act a fool in front of. Disrupting kids learning and scaring parents who were hearing that their kids might be superglued inside the school. We later found out that the locks were glued prior to the visit from the governor. COWARDS!!!

However parents were spit on and some even pelted with rocks! Shame, shame, shame!


As you can see in the video one “brother” goes up to Brother Bob Smith, Messmer Prep and Messmer HS president, and pushes him to incite violence IN FRONT OF KIDS MIND YOU. Attacking a holy man, have you no limits?For what reason “brother” did you feel the need to do that? For what reason are you pushing a Capuchin Brother who has been committed to this inner city community since he was born. Smith is the nephew of Brother Booker Ashe of the House of Peace which still operates on 17th and Walnut. The Capuchins also run several other resource areas in the city such as St. Francis of Assisi Church and other urban centers that feed and clothe OUR people. If anything they should get an award for their decades of service to this community and to BLACK PEOPLE!!! They do it by fund raising and by giving from their own pockets and this is how we thank them? Shame indeed, shame on the fake “residents” who were later identified as mostly Madison students, union reps, and MPS board members and teachers for the most part. A few tokens and Walker hating zealots that had nothing better to do comprised the rest of the crowd.

Just to note, Brother Bob and the Capuchins commitment to Black Milwaukee, particularly our Black youth excelling in education and training them up in the way that they should go, is undeniably solid. Smith has an 85% success rate of those who go on to college. He also has an outstanding record of working with MPS to help form working relations for educating our young people. Some do not like his tactics because he calls on parents and students to be just as accountable as the school. It is not a dumping ground for MPS rejects. He sees them as anything but rejects; they are diamonds in the rough! He is quick to tell the student and parent that they must participate 110% in their education. He gives them the tools to understand the power they have inside of them. They are treasure that no one else wanted or knew what to do with. Brother Bob and staff teach these kids that they are the rightful heirs of our legacy and heritage. And yes it is a Roman Catholic School. He also calls out mess when he sees it and he does not back down or mince words. He has fans and haters alike. Despite the haters, his end result speaks for itself. He gets the job done for the most part whether you like his education style or not. The fact that he and the Capuchins alone raised over 5 million dollars to renovate and upgrade that school speaks to his commitment to our kids and our community. A once barron land is now a vital tax base for our city and sacred ground for Afrocentric Centered Education.

The fact that most of these “protest” crazies don’t even live in our city also speaks volumes!  

Later that Friday the “protestors” went on to protest at Governor Walker’s son’s football game. Really? What are you people thinking? Where is your dignity? One said wherever he (Walker) would be, they would be, but again I say there is a time and a place for everything.

Disrupting valuable time from learning or running on football fields to send your message makes you look sick, pathetic and sad. These people have obviously broke with sanity and those things we hold dear like reading time and a peaceful football game are now inbounds for hate for our kids to witness and learn.

If one thing I know I am right 100% is that doing stupid stuff in front of kids is not politics anymore. It is outright anarchy as Sheriff Clark said. Adults acting like kids, using foul and vile language, using violence and pelting people with rocks, spitting on people, taking out their venom on kids at a football game, showing up at any Black school, is all the devil’s work, it is not union protesting. Unions better get their wackos back in line because this is making them look bad and any respect they once had is now lost at the hands of these psycho-nuts.

I challenge our Black reps, Mayor Barrett, and our Police Chief Flynn to take a stand against such nonsense and get these people back in order. Our kids need their learning time. All of it!

I would bet that this type of nonsense would not take place outside a White school!!

I have peace in my heart but when my babies, our babies are trying to learn, break from hate that they live with day in and day out, and come to sacred ground to impart knowledge, Hell to the naw!! WW don’t get down like that. Any school, MPS or other is scared space and if wacko terrorist nuts don’t see it that way, there will be hell to pay. And that’s all I got to say about that!

FYI… in the video….One of the so-called ‘resident protestors” was Brian Rothgery – the red headed bully telling that lady, “go back where you came from, we don’t want you here.” Brian’s occupation is Communications Coordinator for Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Peace Family,


MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Police say they’ve got a lead on the person who glued door locks at Messmer Preparatory School in the city’s Riverwest neighborhood before Governor Scott Walker’s visit last week.The incident happened just hours before Walker was scheduled to speak with children there Friday afternoon.Investigators say they’re reviewing surveillance video of the suspect.Protesters crowded the street outside of the Milwaukee school well before Walker spoke with the kids.