Developing A Poor People’s Movement

(Next Meeting Date September 17, 2011 at 10:00 am)

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Dear People of Milwaukee:

Our time has come. The voice of the poor people of all ethnic groups and religions will be heard starting now. It is now time for the poor people of the country and all those who wish to break free from the establishment, to take back this country from the nonsense that is going on in Madison and Washington. We must get ready to clean up the mess that has been created by the Tea Party and its sponsoring organization, the GOP. We must also voice our disaffection with the Democratic establishment and their allies for allowing the conditions to fester and grow the way they have for the last three decades.

We are appealing to all real activists, all dissatisfied Democrats, sympathizers and all other voters who wish to make a change, to join with us to accomplish the beginning of our movement to bring our issues to the forefront of the debate to take back our country.

The lies, unfair policies and indifference to the poor by the establishment on the left and right of the political spectrum, can no longer be ignored. It is said that, “if you tell a lie long enough, people start to believe it.” Well, we have been lied to for the last time.

In the upcoming elections the time has come for us to select real fighters willing to filibuster, create parliamentary headaches and consistently demand that the poor people of our community are no longer dismissed and sold out.

We especially appeal to the veterans from all the wars to please help us get rid of the establishment in Madison, which determined to give the future of our country to plutocrats and their corporate allies.

In closing, ask yourself if you are better off now, than you were two to three years ago? If the answer is “no,” then join our efforts to speak out and demand that our nation restore its promise to bring every American into life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Let’s bring our country back to its promise to the people.

If you are ready to take steps to TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK, please join us in our efforts and become a member and/or volunteer e-mail 

Thank you,

Robert Miranda and Earl Ingram

The Poor People’s Movement

We meet again on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 10:00am

1329 West National Ave., Milwaukee WI  53204