Walk the Walk Scotty!

Time to Beam Us Up!!

What Scott Walker Can Do For Us, What He Is Not Doing, What We Need To Demand!

Okay we all know very well what Walker has or has not done whether we agree or not. None the less this is a watershed moment for us as Black Wisconsinites because we need to understand that for the meantime he is governor and we must form a relationship with him during his tenure. What we need to focus on is how we get this governor and our Black constituency together in a partnership holding each other accountable for a new Wisconsin. Holding up the old tired Hitler sign with Walker’s face inserted is not cutting it anymore and common sense dictates we will not get much if we keep holding those signs up wondering why he won’t respond to us. If Wisconsin is going to be “open for business,” where do we fit in or make ourselves fit in? A new Wisconsin should begin to address publically that we have a race and segregation problem. A new Wisconsin will include some powerful sit downs with Blacks and this administration to work together on devising a plan to uplift our community that goes beyond talk and rhetoric. We need to put together a simple list of demands and hold Walker and our elected accountable to these demands as part of the new landscape of the direction Walker has outlined. We need to be an integral part of that outline and design.

Thus far Walker has been stellar in executing his moves with viper like precision to bring about fiscal change in this state. We are paying bills, we are freezing fees and taxes, and we passed a fiscally sound budget. Great, commendable, but now we need to hold this “ground breaking” governor to even more accomplishments and tasks as never witnessed before. We need new policies and actions that are just as “ground breaking” of reforms and changes for minorities, specifically Blacks.


My Top Demands for Governor Walker

  1. Get over it! Yes Black folks on the whole don’t like you much. However you are still their governor and there are some of us who fell on the sword for you because we believe fundamentally in many of the same ideologies and principals as you do. However we are holding you MORE accountable for your promise that was made to ALL of Wisconsin. Not just the Koch brothers and cronies, but All of us. For our sacrifices you owe us much!!
  2. Don’t be a stranger! Milwaukee’s inner city needs to be “open for business” too so come see about us. Yes I know you got some real stalkers on your tail. Hell my last article seems to have drawn them to me, so I can only imagine what it is like to be Scott Walker for a minute. No thanks!! However you also have a great security detail. You have no excuse to stay closed to the inner city when you promote Wisconsin is “open for business!” This must include Black Milwaukee. Joining in on a Bronzeville committee meeting would be a good start.
  3. One and done! So you hired a real brother, Reggie Newson as New DWD Deputy Secretary. This does not make for a Black Quorum for you to use as counsel. Get some more Black folks on board and make your administration representative of the new Wisconsin you keep telling us about. To me it still looks as stale as the previous administration. A little coffee in your cream never hurt anybody! Start by with meeting with the African American Chamber of Commerce, Reuben Hopkins, or people such as Annette Polly Williams and Howard Fuller for the 4th Grade Reading Initiative Program. Seek and find real leaders who have economic expertise, who have ability in action not rhetoric, those who possess the ability to tell you straight and not be “yes” people neither public blasters, those who know how to make things happen. Reward growing Black businesses such as Growing Power and stay ahead of the curve on Black Economic Development. You should be meeting with these people regularly and making strategy that rivals the Budget Repair Bill.

4. Make Black Media Your Friend! You appeared once on Earl Ingram’s “Evening Rush” on WMCS 1290 AM and your excuse for not getting on his show in a timely fashion or being late for your portion was LAME, inexcusable and insulting of our intelligence. If you believe in something, stand in your convictions and tell us, not WISN or WTMJ how these changes will help us. Do not use the word “tools” use specifics. Use examples and do not fear the wrath of the angry Black Wisconsinite but find some common ground on which to begin this relationship. Yes you will have to be the bigger person and take the heat but that comes with the territory. If you are proven correct, we will appropriately follow suit. However you know all too well that the left will continue to demonize you, deal with it! You are taking away their $$power$$, what did you expect? Not to mention Lena Taylor has never forgiven you for her defeat and she never will. Again back to #1 get over it! This is your opportunity to create a different path by reaching out to us on a consistent basis and being present to us instead of making us a yearly obligation. Your bi-monthly reporting (or whatever time frame) to us and accountability in person will counter any attack levied against you. Hell set up a Twitter account just for Black communications!! Stay with Brother Earl! He will tell you straight and you do need to hear him and you do need to start our relationship via Black media. Mr. Ingram is fair if nothing else (okay way biased but I still respect the man). If he sees you are right or at the very least TRYING, he too will come around and support or assist you and encourage others to do so. If you are not helping the Black community you need to understand how you should. The same effort and planning it took to regain responsibility over the budget will be needed and demanded from us for the purpose of creating a prosperous and growing uprising of the Black middle class which is now truthfully the working poor. If Obama can’t how will you? You took back Wisconsin from Federal reign, now you need to plan and implement a strategy to rescind the segregation of Wisconsin that has been cultivated by Republicans and Democrats alike. The same segregation that keeps our Milwaukee inner city divided and failing, the prevalent constant, is the fact that every single Republican in this state, except Representative Jeff Stone, has not made Black communication an opportunity from which to build new relations, form new strategies, or gather up the masses as a collective think tank. If you can face the unionistas, Obama and Pelosi, Ed and Rachel, you can surely face us and live to tell about it! You need to make this work! The long standing segregation and racism in this state is ample opportunity for the smallest of changes and direction to be met with great praise and respect. Do not go the path frequently traveled by other elected, make Black media a friend not a foe. Report to it like you do Mark and Jay, you will have already set in motion what decades of legislators have refused to do. TALK TO US!!!

5. Get Rid of Your PR Person! Cullen Werwie is no good for you or us. Time and time again he has shown very little ability or pertinent skill sets in his craft. From the prank call, to the appearance on WMCS, to your lack of knowledge on key items, to the hiring of people who are less than qualified or downright cronies of someone in your administration, this person has failed miserably. Werwie should be properly vetting candidates for positions and should be your key front man with creative new approaches and ideas to keep you in touch with us. Instead he has been a dismal failure for us all. I offer my services here! With the Governor’s Website, Twitter and Facebook you have absolutely NO EXCUSE not to reach out to us specifically. Yes we know you have to reach middle Wisconsin and all parts in between. You do a good job of that, now take your brown bag and eat at Lloyd Street School in the faculty lounge, go to Lena’s and get some groceries, have a Kwanzaa celebration. In other words all the things this Black president is not doing in terms of Black events and special occasions, DO THOSE THINGS!! However if you do it for photo ops, prepare to get called out on it. Act like you never left the County Exec position and then take it up ten notches!!!

And so I start there, as you all know I could go on, but that is a lot to digest for one governor and I am sure he is dying to get this in his hands asap, so I got to get it to him right now.

Feel free to add you own ideas and make calling and emailing a part of your regular routine. Someone is listening especially when we reach out in mass numbers!

Yes I know….. WW he isn’t going to listen, he is racist, look what he did to us, the Tea Party is the devil, Scott Walker is Hitler, did I miss any? All those comments are now nagging at this point but I understand the frustration behind those comments and some of those are not unfounded. This governor is also at that pivotal moment where he can use many powerful tools to form an alliance between us or we can keep nagging about what is not getting done.  But I in turn ask what have we demanded – THE Black community? Not as part of the unions, not as part of the teachers, not as part of the Democrat party, but for us solely?

Some have started, others are working on it, but we need action now. As I said before we are at a watershed moment. We are not being led by good leaders and our churches are silent because the faith-based initiatives and School Choice are right wing staple holds that keep needed programs funded and maintained. They will not be the ones to speak for us for they have mouths to feed, kids to educate, and families to support. Our elected are sadly MIA on certain aspects of politics, some have agendas of their own, some are career politicians, and some are inundated with trying to actually help, like Jason Fields.  We need to be the activists. When Mr. Ingram says Walker has not been on his show, how many will demand this with action and not whining? Who will walk the walk and face him and protest for our 40 acres and a mule? Who will stand up with outstretched hand instead of the typical Hitler sign and help this governor move with us and advocate for us? We need to be a people about a movement sans alternative agendas. This governor needs to be a man of action and one unafraid to move out of his Republican, right wing comfort zones.

In the end to sum it all up we can keep whining with zero results or make imperative demands as a collective, specific tasks and accomplishments and see if just maybe they will get us further. Let us just try another route for once. At least we can say we tried. If he fails to respond then he deserves what he gets and I will be the first to lead that charge.

Peace Family,



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