Wednesday Rants. WW Wednesday All Over The Place!

There are so many fun issues to talk about where to start?

On the Federal Front:

President Barak Obama’s speech to the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) created quite the stir. I cannot find too many people who liked it or gathered hope and change from it. What we did see was a very desperate man making a feeble attempt to get back his blackness by preaching to us in “our lingo.” He should really stay away from shoe references at this point. From his “lacing up his shoes to join with us on the picket lines” to telling us to “take off our slippers and fight with him,” he just doesn’t see how his policies and lack of leadership has hurt Blacks to the point that even his most avid defenders are sick of hearing him talk. His speech, in my opinion, was a misguided fling to get Blacks back in step. He tried to simmer the boil of the CBC and other Black leaders who are tired of going back to their constituents and explaining why things are only getting worse. He tells us if we love him we will make calls and get his bill passed, but he has yet to submit a bill that is defendable. He has only more stimulus money to hand out and we all know how version 1.0 turned out.

Obama’s attack on Libya and his Palestinian missteps show that even his cabinet may not be helping him out of the hole but putting him further in one.

And if that was not enough, Michelle Obama was caught in a “candid” viral moment at a 9-11 ceremony lipping her distain for the flag folding and utter distain in her eye rolling for the pomp and circumstance that patriots and veterans took notable offense to.

However I must say that I enjoyed how Obama handled the “antichrist” heckler and have to acknowledge his moment of levity which was appreciated by all who tuned in! Good one Mr. President!

State Silliness:

In desperate attempts to remain relevant, Lena Taylor seems to be all over the Wisconsin Eye Channel as of late arguing with anyone who crosses her path. First a little cat fight “meow” with Alberta Darling about ???? It simply made no sense. Then we find her attacking Leah Vukmir in a hearing about Voter ID, specifically online usage and Student ID’s. Her rant was a failed attempt to get some press and face time. If she really cared about ID usage, she would be at Aurora, Columbia, or Wheaton Franciscan fighting the disenfranchisement and racism at hospitals that require ID for treatment or medication. Her argument of disenfranchisement and anyone else’s for that matter, is nonsense to me until I see them at the hospitals, in the welfare lines, or at other poverty/minority resource facilities that require ID for any type of service.

Lena’s Facebook shenanigans landed her in a bit of trouble when she called for a boycott of Koch Brothers financed products. Not doing her research and not understanding the damage she was doing to local workers here in Wisconsin, she recanted a bit. Her childish boycott controversy, which others gravitated to, was another failed attempt to get back on MSNBC. I gather she misses Ed Schultz and she is doing all she can to find her way back in to the national scene. When she had to quick back pedal her initial boycott statement, she showed us her true intentions were of a self-serving nature and that even she has a line she will not cross. That silent majority is a group you do not want to contend with unless you have your ducks in a row. Smoothing things out and clarifying (separating fact from fiction) only weakened her stance and her movement. The boycott became another money making venture for the listed rivals and an embarrassing moment for her and her blind followers.

Lena’s Facebook postings which look more like teenage diary entries, document her supposed daily routines including Bible study which does not seem to be helping her with her anger management problems. Somehow these postings rally her faithful and they just pour out the love, even though she is nothing more than rhetoric at this point. For such a spiritual person, she sure could use a sermon or two on human compassion and good stewardship.

What I do not see from her are job creation meetings or issues directly impacting her district. I do not see her insisting on face time with Walker on behalf of her district or even her attending Walker’s meetings for job creation in the state. The meetings she should be at so we can have representation there with those bringing jobs or thinking of doing business here in Wisconsin. She does not address the MMSD Sewage overspending and misspending issues recently brought to light. Nor does she discuss why she thinks Milwaukee homeowners should cough up $3000 each to repair the sewers. You really have to search long and hard to find how she is relevant to “us.” If you think Obama has turned a blind eye, you really should question Lena’s actions and wonder where she is headed. Sorry hun, they got a Black guy on MSNBC, they usually don’t take too many more. If your hope is to become relevant past your district, try the old-fashioned route of being a way maker and not a destructive typical angry blowhard. If you are going to go off on state officials, take a page from Rep. Jason Fields. He called out the nonsense and opened up some eyes to the reality of our people and this community. You could say something nice once in a while and remember that Spiderman speech… “with great power comes great responsibility…” If you are trying to lead a movement and truly stand in conviction then be someone approachable and not a leader of the unionistas. Try to give us something we can get behind and fight for. Her need for affection and attention from her new found union friends is still not helping those in HER DISTRCIT!!!! Hello Lena, we are still here!! Time to move on past the infamous “fleeing 14” incident and find a new gig.

Local Lunacy:

M.I.A. Mayor Barrett came out of hiding and released his budget for 2012 this week. While others don’t seem to know it or care to talk about it, he got his political payback against our firefighters by axing some of their jobs. He raised property taxes by 4.4% and scaled back library hours meanwhile saving $8 million to compensate city workers pension plans and benefits “just in case.” Really?

Firstly, our firefighters are the first responders and they are needed. His blatant attack on firefighters is a blatant attack on us. Do remember he closed fire houses in the last budget and left firefighters with few tools to continue to save lives and do so in a timely and well-staffed manner. Shame, shame, shame!! But no outrage, no call for those jobs to be saved. Where are the marches from homeowners already fighting to save their homes in this economy and no protests to save our libraries that are much more than book storage facilities. They are the places we go to create and send resumes, to apply online for jobs, to get online resources. In the inner city where online communication is not prevalent in every home with the capabilities we need to do adequate job searching or learning, the library is our best hope at obtaining any chance of opportunity. We also do not have kindles but we do have lots of Blacks in schools needing to access libraries.

At a time when we need more first responders, Barrett felt revenge against Gov. Walker and some unions (who mind you did not ask to be put out of the Collective Bargaining mess), was even more paramount. This very brazen act will eventually hurt or kill someone. When it comes to saving lives, politics is the one area you do not want to play with. Again no outrage or protests? This lack of outrage leads me to believe that we are a very hypocritical people in Milwaukee. We pay for these services and now they are taken from us. We have over $50 million for streetcars but no money for libraries, a crucial resource in the inner city. We have no money for firefighters our first responders. We have unlimited resources and funding for streetcars that may or may not create a new business district? Despite all the reports that the streetcar will not be successful, despite the reports that the streetcar will cost us more then we can imagine, despite the countless data that these streetcars will become travel hazards and weigh heavily on our County Transit service (another vital service), we cut services to pave the way for mess and political turmoil we cannot afford. We have read many times how other municipalities are saving even more than they first realized using the tools provided in the Budget Repair Bill but we do not question why they are not being used here. Barrett is the reason why and no one calls him on it.

In Conclusion:

So here we have a fine hodgepodge of political problems with no end in sight. I think people are finding it all too sickening and are beginning to enjoy the cool breezes of autumn and are turning off to the hate that has filled our space. This to me is a good sign. A few weeks back Steve Forbes penned that from the ashes of this political fighting we will raise again and politics will take on a new form. This new form will include new parties and new players. I certainly hope he is correct. We need hope and change, but this time real hope and change evidenced by action and not fancy teleprompter talk!

This Week’s Honorable Mentions:

Milele Coggs is once again running to represent the 6th district. Her campaign kick-off is tonight at Coffee Makes You Black, 2803 N. Teutonia Avenue from 5:30 pm to 7:30 p.m.


Penny Skiora is running for the 18th Supervisory District and plans to hold a Kick-Off on October 10th at the MJ Cafe 6901 W. Brown Deer Rd from 5 pm to 7 pm.


Chris Christie is not running. Yes we love his style of leadership. His candor and straight to the point, no nonsense character is refreshing. He would knock Obama off his throne instantly. However I can’t blame the guy for not wanting to get in the pool right now. It’s a bit polluted!

Mayweather sucker punched Ortiz and I am trying to get my $60 back from TWC. That’s some bs. C’mon man!!!!! Boxing is going to be a thing of the past with this type of mess. But yes I will be buying the rematch!!!

Al Sharpton and MSNBC…I guess they too have an Affirmative Action quota to fill.

Local News….what’s with all the new faces on TV? You can tell there is no Affirmative Action quota here in Milwaukee as far as media is concerned! Still few Black faces reciting lines or overseeing the big projects like Contact 6 or Dirty Dining or anything that is ratings worthy. But a shout out to Shelly Walcott because she keeps pressing on and is active as she can be.

 James T is gone (is he?) and white Rights are in peril. Hello, he was not a lone cowboy on a dessert! Bob Moore is gone from the airwaves someone as well told me? Well that’s messed up too. We have no one yet to step up and fill DeMarco Morgan’s shoes in this community. Maybe someday. But I will say some of our local media peeps give little to build an audience anyways. They feel they do not want to be linked to “Blacks” and why is that? I see their point (don’t want to be labeled), but then I see a movement that needs a voice. Speaking of which keep supporting WMCS and help it grow. They made changes based on what we said WE wanted and now that they have. Are we supporting by dollars and passing it on? We have this one radio station for news that is important to us and Black conversation designed to inform and engage. Keep supporting and listening and passing it on!!

Peace Family,



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