Milwaukee is such a sleepy town on certain issues. We are soooo behind when it comes to being collectively organized politically. Our Black Press rarely (if ever) asks elected officials or private sector individuals about their potential to be Milwaukee’s 1st Black Mayor. This town doesn’t even have hypothetical conversations about potential candidates or forums for persons with ability to lead this city. Damn, we are so ass backwards it just makes my head explode that a town suffering with such a high misery index for its Black People remain so indifferent politically. I don’t think we care or even think about developing and supporting a candidate to become mayor.

Why the Hell Not!!!!!

Do I believe Black Milwaukee will change overnight with the election of a Black Mayor? No.

Do I believe Black Milwaukee will change AT ALL with the election of yet another White Mayor? No.

What I do believe is that THE RIGHT BLACK MAYOR will advocate and take OUR ISSUES seriously in city hall. I believe THE RIGHT BLACK MAYOR will get OUR POLICIES enacted and address OUR NEED for serious ecomonic development and prosperity in this city. I believe THE RIGHT BLACK MAYOR will be able to communicate to US unlike any elected official in this city and mobilize (strengthen) our efforts to politically, educationally, and socially.

This isn’t too much to ask is it?

No it isn’t!

WE all know that WE will respond to the leader that can not only relate to US, but the one who connects to US visually, orally, and emotionally.

I believe County Supervisor Eyon Biddle is showing the early potential to be the type of serious mayoral candidate Black Milwaukee desires and needs. I advise you to keep an eye on this brother and watch him work for those he represents. It is refreshing to see such enthusiasm and passion around this city in someone like Supervisor Biddle.

If he isn’t thinking that far down the road, then he needs to get some advisors immediately to start building a political machine at the grassroots level, not-for-profit, and corporate levels. This is someone I’d throw my support and energy behind when he decides he’s ready to step his political game up.

Holla at me Biddle when you get your A-team together.

G –