Peace to the brother who sent me this audio.

Black People need to know what is being said about them when they aren’t listening. It sure doesn’t sound to me like this Conservative Station has lit the peace pipe for Blacks and Whites to share. It sounds more like they are allowing a safe haven for those who despise my people.

You cannot be shocked when you listen to these brief, audio clips that follows. This is life, some White People will never respect Black People and they give less than a _____ to call up a radio show and express those sentiments. Conservative Radio dominates the airwaves, nobody will deny that, and so does the amount of vial commentary from its callers and hosts.

I’ve posted a sample of some Wisconsin callers who wanted to share their thoughts on Black People, Racism, President Obama… you know the deal… the Trinity of Conservative Talk Radio these days.

This is a just another reason why America will never be what is written in its most sacred of founding documents… people hate each other and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. If Conservatives believe government cannot create jobs, then they must truly believe that it cannot make people love and respect others.

G –

Clip 1: This caller brags about moving away from Milwaukee to get peace and quiet. He also makes a comment about Black People not being satisfied with getting Welfare Checks and now needing to beat you (White People) too.

Clip 2: The host uses the classic White Person’s ace-in-the-hole comment… I have friends who happen to be Black. WTF??? Really??? What do you mean by this White People? He/she happens to be Black?

Clip 3: The caller states he no longer feels ‘White Guilt’, but has ‘White Anger’ and that is stronger.

Clip 4: The caller talks about how Black People aren’t leaders and lack accountability. He also states that ‘these people’ escape to an ‘area called Black’ instead of being accountable. WTF???