It appears the AACCGM is looking for new leadership. The Drum received the email below from one of its members.

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To The Board of Director of AACC, ACS Members, and Members of AACC

As you are aware, the AACC is searching for a new Executive Director. Your input is an important part of the process. Developing the profile is an essential of part of the process to make sure we are targeting the right person. To that end, we have identified a few questions that will need your response. Please take a moment and click on the link below. By completing each question and offering your comments, the search committee can build a strong job description targeted at the right candidate who fits our leadership needs.

The results of this survey will assist in recognizing who and what we are looking for in a leader, in addition to aligning and integrating your thoughts into the job description. The primary deliverable in this process is to craft a description that effectively fits our needs.

Please click the link below to register your responses:
African American Chamber of Commerce
414 462-9450