IT’S BACK!!!!! Taboo Tuesday and just in time to wake you headz from your sleep!!!! Have you read about Rayon McIntosh the McDonald’s employee who was working as a cashier and assaulted (verabally & physically) by a female customer? You haven’t??? Let me catch you up on it quick fast… According to a criminal complaint, a female customer who jumped the counter after slapping McIntosh in the face during a dispute about her order. Another female customer (her friend) came around the counter to confront McIntosh too. What happened next is what flips the scrip.

You see, what these two female thugs didn’t realize is that they didn’t slap the face of a “p—y” as one of them stated in the video (see below). McIntosh was/is far from that… he’s a killer!

Until last week, the 31-year-old New York City man was just another McDonald’s cashier who had just gotten out of state prison after spending 10 years on a manslaughter conviction (McIntosh fatally shot a teenage friend). If only the ladies would have known I don’t think they would have stepped to this dude. Needless to say, when they came around that counter McIntosh defended himself (initially) and then began to beat the two women with a metal rod. One of the ladies has a “fractured skull requiring surgery” and a broken bone in her arm. The second woman suffered “substantial pain and a laceration.”

Now to my point… local and national campaigns have been waged about letting offenders get back into the workforce even violent ones. Even some politicians want the elimination of certain disclosures from a person’s criminal past. For example, some think it is unfair to ask on a job application for someone to disclose whether or not a person has a felony conviction or if they’ve been arrested. That is ——g stupid!!!! You have to background check people all the time!!!

Can a murderer be rehabilitated? Or are they a ticking timebomb just waiting to explode when the right (or wrong) stress is applied? Should we be aware of those in the community who are violent or murderers? Personally, I’d want to know that the butcher, the baker, or candlestick maker in the businesses I frequent have felons and murderers. Am I the bad guy? Don’t many of us get upset when the let sex offenders back into the community and for us not to be notified? Doesn’t that tell us that sex offenders have a high rate of committing the same crime and that society is best served by knowing who they are and to protect yourself and loved ones?

How is that different for murderers and violent members of society? Can they be rehabilitated?

I believe they can, but I’d like to know who they are just as I know these two women are now wishing they knew who Rayon McIntosh was/is.

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WARNING: The video below is EXTREMELY GRAFFIC and contains REAL VIOLENCE.