ATTENTION EVERYONE: County Executive Chris Abele has handed down his vetoes on the 2012 Milwaukee County Budget. Not only has he vetoed the vast majority of the Biddle-Lipscomb Jobs Initiative, but he has vetoed security worker jobs and lower healthcare costs for public employees.

Call County Executive Abele at 414-278-4211 to express your displeasure with his lack of leadership on these key issues. Also, call your county supervisor at 414-278-4222 and ask your County Supervisor to override the vetoes handed down from the county executive.

In Love and Service,

Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr.
10th District


Teresa wrote:
It was brought to my attention this morning that the memorandum regarding the African American Male Summit could imply that the Summit and Recall is connected.  Therefore I have edited the memo to exclude the recall signing (see attachment).  I understand that the presenters are coming to to serve and share with the community to solve problems and that most are non-profits and cannot be connected with the recall work.  The flyer was edited because of typos.  Only the flyer will go out to the public.
I apologize for any insults or stress that this may have caused.  I hope you can and will still participate.
Please let me know if there is still a problem.  I do understand.

Stephanie Findley, MSM
Wisdems Black Caucus Chair
Ph: (414) 750-6496


Milwaukee County
Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr., 10th District
Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., 1st District 
For Immediate Release November 15, 2011
Contact: Harold Mester, Public Information Manager
414/278-4051 or 


Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Supervisors Eyon Biddle, Sr., and Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., released the following statements after County Executive Chris Abele vetoed 90% of the funding for the Biddle-Lipscomb Ready to Work Initiative:

Supervisor Lipscomb

“Supervisor Biddle and I proposed the Ready to Work Initiative to balance the need to help businesses create jobs while investing in job training for County residents. Unfortunately, this partial veto creates a 20-1 imbalance that highly favors the business community over workers. This action fails to recognize the magnitude of the mismatch between the number of skilled workers and available job opportunities.”

“The fact that the County Executive didn’t eliminate the program completely shows he must understand that it’s something we need to do, but his veto means we can’t even make a dent in the problem.”

Supervisor Biddle

“To say the least, this veto is highly disappointing. The County Executive appears to be extremely out of touch with his constituents. I’m not sure what world he’s living in. The greatest need for the residents of Milwaukee County right now is jobs. Milwaukee is the 9th poorest city in the nation, and he should do everything in his power to create job training opportunities. The County Executive wants to take smaller steps, but families living in poverty and devoid of hope deserve bold ideas and leadership.

“It seems that the County Executive is more concerned with creating one comptroller position for Milwaukee County than creating opportunities for thousands of Milwaukee County residents out of work. It is also peculiar that the County Executive is only willing to give $100,000 to fund this program, despite amendments offered by some of my most conservative colleagues allocating $500,000.

“I encourage all of my colleagues to join me in overriding this veto on Wednesday. With a County Board override, the Ready to Work Initiative will be a success – and the County Executive will likely take all the credit for it.”



Harold Mester
Public Information Manager
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors


Pastor Teresa Thomas-Boyd wrote:
Tomorrow is the kick-off for Recall Walker throughout Wisconsin.  As the African American Outreach Coordinator of Milwaukee, Dane, Rock, Kenosha, and Racine, I am reaching out to the faith community to join us in getting signatures on Sunday, November 20.  I have attached a memorandum to explain how we would come to churches after services to collect signatures on public property.
Please read the attached, pass it on to other brothers and sisters that you believe are interested in taking this stand and let me know if we can have volunteers in your community this Sunday.
I can be reached at 414-507-1115 for additional information.
Let’s make history and change together.

Stephanie Findley, MSM
Wisdems Black Caucus Chair
Ph: (414) 750-6496