Wednesday Recap Volume II

With all things politics in mind, there is just too much to going on in our beloved state and nation to just digest one thing. So here we go…

National Nonsense…

Cain Can’t

I was up in the air about Herman Cain and all these mounting allegations. Honestly none of them do anything to suede my judgment of him. My judgment of finding any real journalism has been shaken to the core from this. I am not saying if he did or didn’t, but he did express a very real sentiment many of us share.  Politics these days is a broken, bitter, evil place and do we really want to try and convict based on the court of media? Some of the allegations come from people with interesting possible motives, possible mental illness, and ties to Obama and/or other candidates. So I am wondering out loud if we should be trying this man in this court or should we stop that train of media frenzy. I wonder how many candidates locally and nationally we could potentially have if we did not worry so much about media sensationalizing and the ability to call out anyone without using the proper venues of law & order to mount accusations and such. Fair enough, he should have gotten his ducks in a row before he ran, who knew? Since he is an outsider, was it a blitz attack coming from both parties? As an aside, I find it curious we (and you know who you are) rise to OJ’s defense but call this man a coon? I see a lot of hypocrisy here and I just don’t like the smell of it. The fight to allow a black man by blacks to be Republican and Conservative is also being wagged here and if this were Obama I am betting we would have stood with him, hope, change and all!

I am going to refrain from voicing my support of any candidate because I still just can’t reconcile my standards to these people. Again I am not judging any of them, just waiting until I get all my ducks in a row! I know it won’t be Newt though. His record of profiting and making deals with big business are well-documented. He’s done!

I do know one thing, as far as the media goes, we sure have come a long way to hell’s door. We are trying and convicting people right and left for sins they may or may not have committed based on baseless innuendo and hearsay. As a country and even here in our community how can it be that we are admitting our minds are “googlized” and unable to make clear rational choices without depending on some “news station,” app, Google, or whatever is the choice addiction, to form our thoughts. I don’t know about you but it feels good to get out a dictionary every once in a while and look something up manually. Arnold did warn us of the machine uprising. Well here it starts with media now the Bible of the American people.

More about that later….


Lena Taylor & Alleged Voter Fraud

“So this is what democracy looks like!” Taylor coined this phrase to attack Governor Walker but it turns out that she may soon be at the root of her very own John Doe investigation. I hope no one is surprised by this because she has in the past been accused of questionable voting practices at polling sites, doing God knows what, not so long ago among other questionable practices in her political career.

Funny because last week I had mentioned she would be the choice for Dems looking to anoint a Walker replacement. Senator Taylor, if she makes it passed this and can explain away years of accusations, might still be the only choice as she still holds money, power, and people and momentum that far surpasses any other Democratic contender. Hell she has Ed Schultz in love with her and that is a powerful mouth piece at her disposal, if he is still engaged in Wisconsin politics. Come 2012, I think he just might!

Government Accountability Board Green Lights Rampant Fraud

Last week the GAB publically announced that it would be hiring people on a temporary basis to examine recall petitions. The board also acknowledged that they would not be entering names in any databases which could assist in cross references and checks for duplicity and other anomalies in the recall petition submissions.

They pretty much gave Walker recallers the go ahead to sign away and sign often!

“Recall advocates have suggested amongst themselves that supporters sign multiple petitions in the event that the first petition is lost, damaged or not turned in. In that case, a second signature on a petition circulated by a different group could be submitted and the person’s signature would still count.”

Brian Sikma

And for the record no, I do not believe for one minute that they have as many signatures as they claim. But if people were told to sign twice “for safety” they probably have a solid 200,000 and maybe 100,000 real people.

Milwaukee County Exec & Supervisors Races Ramp Up

On the heels of the county’s 2012 budget comes a new crop of fresh faces to the political landscape in Milwaukee County.

Interest in the County Exec seat has been shared by Sheriff David Clarke and Representative Jeff Stone who you remember faced off with now county Exec Chris Abele unsuccessfully.

My thoughts….I think Abele has run a very good mirage of smoke and mirrors trying to pull of his “inner conservative.” However he could have had a moment of clarity and seen all that former County Exec Walker had to deal with and might really be buying what he is trying to sell.

However his supervisors are mounting a ground attack and his public feuds with the more liberal supervisors has some of them asking WTH? In the end with the 2012 election and record numbers of libs coming out to vote, they will make nice and he might return to his liberal agenda.

As for Clarke, I love the man for his bravado. He is courageous if nothing else. But as Kanye said “he’s got a big ego…” And I am not sure if that will fare well for him in a season of Republican lynchings. Sure on record he is a Democrat, but he does not act like one, not as far as they can see and he might want to sit this one out!

Is Rep. Stone really ready for around two with Abele? Again I am thinking he will have to put in a lot of time and do a flip, sounding more liberal to counter this “bizarro conservative” Abele we see before us. He will have to distance himself from the recall mayhem and really seek the independents for their blessings.

There are a few seats in play for county supervisors and one wonders what will happen with a board influx, meaning they are pondering whether to downsize or upgrade. Who wants to do all that work for an election just to fire themselves? And then when they vote to keep their seats will we question their intentions. At a debate/townhall I would love to see someone answer that one. Will you vote to get elected to get rid of the county board or downsize it and/or fire yourself?  

I noticed some of the mud has been flying with some of the lesser known candidates by some big name pundits and I wonder “why so angry?” It is way too soon. Although one’s background must be questioned, when dealing with anything county related does it really matter anymore? I guess we are going to have to decide where our moral compass rests these days and again are we fit to judge?

Either way it should be an interesting election at the county level as there is the new blood coming from everywhere, but especially in the inner city and Hispanic populations. However I caution this new uprising to be a little more inclusive. A few of them have seen such strong rhetoric coming from our black elected they are more seduced to talk and act as if they already won off the heels and endorsements of the Democrats and recall effort. Hold on partner, there is a silent majority and they really matter here. They are active and as we saw with Alberta Darling, they show up when called into action.

Some of the other candidates show a lot of refreshing promise and sensible talk as they are not bogged down in any of the state mess, can’t be tied to drama, have no affiliations or outside interests that we have seen as of yet, and are well-vetted and ready to serve. I see a lot of potential for voting in some much needed change, but I also see certain seated supervisors giving out their early endorsements and calling an audible on Abele. Watch out for them because these people are definitely up to something and the county is well known for its cronyism. And yes I am referring to Supervisor Dimittrijevic bullying constituents and others and to what end? One has to wonder what her end game is and what is her personal gain?

This is where I will leave my Wednesday recap. That is a lot for one person, it was a lot to hold inside. Thanks for letting me share. Hope you will join in the conversation. It is an interesting time for politics, especially locally. However the negativity, eh, please not this early! Give us until after Christmas and then get your game on!

Peace Family,