It’s been said that leaders aren’t made but they are born…Earl Ingram Jr. is such an example and excudes leadership within the Milwaukee Community daily. I’ll just speak on what the man is doing to lead via the hottest, Black Talk Show in the country. If you’ve been in a coma for two-and-a-half years, this fact may have escaped you. Each afternoon from 3pm – 6pm, the city is on lockdown and everyone is tuned to 1290 WMCS to listen to the most important, public figure in Milwaukee. Yes, he is that major.

All you need to do is spend time with him at any gathering he attends and ask those who are there what they think about Ingram and his show. You’ll hear words like powerful, exciting, informative, can’t miss, tremendous…I can go on as these are just a few of the adjectives I was told this Saturday at Coffee Makes You Black. A supporter named Jerry from New York said he has listened to talk radio all his life from coast-to-coast and Ingram was the best by far because he told the truth and was unafraid. Another brother from Chicago said WVON was the best station amoungst Black Radio, but Ingram had the best show and needs to be broadcast on that station too.

Last week, Ingram was compelled to invite the owner – Bradley Thurman -of Coffee Makes You Black onto the radio station to highlight this gem of a Black Business. What the larger community learned (many for the first time) was that Thurman was more than an entrepreneur, but he was an institution for all the things he provided through his venue. Ingram ask the community to come out and support their brother and those who were employed there and the city of Milwaukee responded. The week concluded with Ingram bringing acclaimed  Civil Rights Attorney Alton Maddox  and activist Frederick Alexander Meade to a meet and great Friday evening and back Saturday morning for a Black Man’s Forum hosted by Bro. Tony Courtney (see pics). Needless to say, the community came out to see Ingram and his guest.