Just before we end the year let us look back over the past several months…our YouTube Hood Filmakers are at it like never before. Be a witness to the foolishness reigning in our community. This is the 10th edition and probably the most disturbing one of all. I cannot even post some of the stuff I’ve come across on our Milwaukee youth on YouTube. Somebody save these kids you see in these videos please. Video is graphic and NSFW.

G –

Somebody knows who these young girls are…look at what your daughters are doing when you’re not home mommy and (hopefully) daddy???


Look at the young children watching this foolishness. What will they become and do in a few short years? This is their daily reality…yet, Milwaukee is asleep and doesn’t want to talk about and solve this evil in our community. Damn shame it is.

Look at our young sister in the street fighting in her bra. I cannot tell you HOW SERIOUS the problem we have family. Look at this!!!! How said it is to watch these young people enjoying this. No one helps the young lady who clearly doesn’t want to fight anymore. Where are the parents?

Behold the future mothers of our sons and daughters fighting light animals. Thank you to the ADULT who stepped in and stopped this madness. Why is nobody talking about this behavior on our streets and in our schools?

These young brothers fight in front of a church! Thank you to the Black Men who stepped in to break this up.

Guess which school this is these girls are fighting in front of? Can SOMEBODY say something and do something about this ish!!!!