You hear it every day.  “Man, if Black people would just come together we could” or “All we need is unity among Black folks and everything….” Most Black people have/had some romantic notions of ALL Black people, with afros and dashikis marching towards New Africa, with the Isley Brothers, “Caravan of Love” playing in the background. Reality is probably going to look more like what were seeing with the Occupy movements and Arab Spring, different groups of Black folk doing different things  at different times in different places for similar outcomes.  That is just fine.  No people in history have ever been totally united on anything.  Egypt was not totally united, Rome or Greece were not totally united. All South African Blacks didn’t support Nelson Mandela and all Negroes didn’t support Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Black people come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  They have different DNA, life experiences and  want different things.  The common thread is the history of suffering and oppression along with a destiny to resurrect the community and homeland. This reality is being created now. Yes, The revolution has started.  Its going on now and its personal.  You are the revolution.  You and the person(s) you are with are the army.  Start today with whomever you are with, wherever you are. Get involved, you are whats missing..  No one can do everything yet everyone can do something.  If you sit in front of the t.v. or computer with the young people at your home and explain to them whats going on in the world….That is Black revolution. The Black problem now is not lack of unity but ignorance and fear..

While we  are here, does anyone remember the “Good ole days”?  Well, thats a lie  that old heads use to  dump this current crop of bs on the laps of young people.  The history books have no record of a time in Black American history that can be sanely called  the “Good ole Days.”  Black people have always caught and continue to catch pure d hell in America. Blacks never all got alone or all worked together. Even during segregation there was backstabbing and boot-lickin going on then as now, Black Wall Street and Rosewood notwithstanding.  There are wealthy Black towns and neighborhoods today yet they hardly represent the state of Black America. Every generation has had victories and failures in the struggle for Black liberation

The time for action is now.  We are the continuation of the struggles of our ancestors.

He who waits for the perfect time to plant, never plants…The Bible

Power to the people.  Peace.