For All The Noise, Where Is The Tea Party In The GOP Race For The Nomination?

The New Face of the Tea Party is Newt Gingrich? WTF????

Let me get my Elmer Fudd on for a sec…shhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting tea partiers…

Where are all of you??? For three years you tea partiers took to the streets and carried signs with talk of taking back your country from career politicians. You were SOOOOO loud and active that you had a fraud like Herman Cain actually run for the nomination (or sale books) when his a** was as phony as a $999 bill. He was the tea party candidate!!!!!

No wait…Michelle Bachman was/is the tea party candidate right? She’s the real conservative right?

Where are all the tea partiers now that Newt Gingrich is the torchbearer for the republican party?

I’ll tell you where the tea party is…they are bought and paid for like any other interest group. You see…you tea party grunts and true believers were used like newspaper to line the bottom of the bird cage. It was never about changing the system, it was a gimic and a ploy to regain power. It’s worked and you are the latest example of a group that was used for the benefit of the landscape painters.

You don’t like this truth do you? All the posts on The Drum…all the comments on The Drum defending and arguing for the light the tea party offered. Where is it now?

The establishment of the republican party has used you for what it designed your purpose to be…scare up the vote for an establishment candidate. They knew then and now that they never were going to allow a so-called tea party candidate win the nomination.

Give me a m_______g break!!!! Newt f_______g Gingrich is running away with the GOP nomination??? This crook and serial playboy! This man has been the king of pocketing government money with his consulting schemes on K Street. Yet, the tea party faithful and all those other republicans will support him.

No honor I say in that. What say you true believers in the so-called tea party?

G –

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4 Responses to For All The Noise, Where Is The Tea Party In The GOP Race For The Nomination?

  1. Luonne Dumak says:

    Nice article Mr. Dwarf
    Another hit job on Mr. Cain by the Commie hating American president. It seems to follow the Chicago way, thugs and lies. If you realy have a few working brain cells you would know that this follows the patern of obama and the way the Chicago machine got rid of any oppents so he ran with no opposion. I don’t know if you ever had the pleassure of meeting Mr. Cain, I have met him on 4 ocasions not counting his speaking ingagments. I do not believe this slander for a minute. Where are all this women now. Did they slink back to the gutters after getting paid of be Alexrod anf family. It is realy sad that the Black community can not stand a Conservative black man, shades of Clarence Thomas. Were is the Tea Party you ask, working hard and getting ready to elct Gov, Walker for Gov. again. We are the silent majority.we don’t have to go out and annoy people while they are trying to go about their business. Althought it great to watch the news and see another brain washed fool say “I signed the recall papers 80 times. I guess that is the I.Q. level of some of the Democrat puppets. It is the best adverdising our side can get. Eeverytime some thing that is shown on the news people come in to our headquarters to help us in the fight.
    Last week my son-in-law had the pleasure of driving one the the 4 buses out to D.C. Who were this people people you ask. They were just a bunch of low class of fools being used by the Dems. As my son-in-law said, they were a scuzzy group but very quite. They really didn’t give a rip about any thing after all they were geting paid for a trip to D.C to protest. To bad it rained all week. Like he said they were no problem, they just managed to get off the bus and smoke a joint at every stop.Then they complained that they couldn’t get a job. Some one needs to set them staight. Maybe you can do that job Mr. Dwarf, after all you no everything. Any Republican that is running is better then that lying two faced Maxist Moron that is President now. He makes Jimmy Carter look good. I like that Brown fist you have on our page. Red fist (ISO) INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION. Blue fist AFL-CIO (Communist), Green fist, Earth Firsters (kill the people save the earth. Now we have the brown fist, whoppe!! Who’s your hero? Is it Stalin who literaly starved millions of Ukraines to death among the many other deaths he was responsible for? What about PolPot and the killing fields. What about North Korea, is that your idea of a Communist utopiua? The cemmerty’s that are filled with brave men and women that fought to keep these vile people to keep them from America People like all you no nothings about the evils of these ideals make me sick. You might remember Stokley Charmichel of black panther fame. He spent time running away from the law traveling and living in Communist countes. He came back to America and traveled around the U.S. speaking about the eviLs of these totalitarian regems. There are some pluseS about America, you are free to leave any time you want. I have been reading that Russia is losing about a million people a year, so there room to spare there. Socialism and Communisum do not work and that is what the closed fist means. Read about it.

    • Giant says:

      To Luonne Dumak – I fail to understand the venom, hate, and pain in which you comment with each (and every) time you pen your comments. I am truly beginning to become concerned with your lack of depth to any subject posted on this website. I support diversity of thought…that is the key word, thought. You have none of your own. Please take a day, a week, or hell a month to think about what YOU believe and stop quoting, paraphrasing, or stealing the thoughts of others. None of this comment of yours relates to what I posted and grow up lady and stop with the name calling.

      And if you come on this site try to learn something about Black People if you are going to say the ignorant and inflammatory stuff you do about my people. I’m being nice because I think you aren’t completely coherent of thought and are weak mentally. Typically, I’d respond to such dribble and ignorant a** comments with pure ether. However, I pity your weakness and sheeplike lack of self-thought.

      Last thing, after reading this reply do US ALL a big favor and call your PCP and schedule an appointment. You need one.

      G –

      Hit job on Cain…that octopus couldn’t keep his hands to himself and was politically as dim as his many and faithful true believers. Don’t worry though Luonnne, I’m sure he is ready to quote somemore Pokemon for you and others to enjoy.

      • littletortillas says:

        If you fail to understand the venom then you should take a hard look in the mirror because it is a reflection of yours (your latest posts are sterling examples not to mention many of your previous posts). I think the both of you harbor a lot of animosity towards those you differ with to point of attacking caricatures of each others viewpoints or political leaders, etc. I haven’t been on the site for sometime and when I read all this vitriolic banter I am reminded why.

        Yours truly,


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