The New Face of the Tea Party is Newt Gingrich? WTF????

Let me get my Elmer Fudd on for a sec…shhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting tea partiers…

Where are all of you??? For three years you tea partiers took to the streets and carried signs with talk of taking back your country from career politicians. You were SOOOOO loud and active that you had a fraud like Herman Cain actually run for the nomination (or sale books) when his a** was as phony as a $999 bill. He was the tea party candidate!!!!!

No wait…Michelle Bachman was/is the tea party candidate right? She’s the real conservative right?

Where are all the tea partiers now that Newt Gingrich is the torchbearer for the republican party?

I’ll tell you where the tea party is…they are bought and paid for like any other interest group. You see…you tea party grunts and true believers were used like newspaper to line the bottom of the bird cage. It was never about changing the system, it was a gimic and a ploy to regain power. It’s worked and you are the latest example of a group that was used for the benefit of the landscape painters.

You don’t like this truth do you? All the posts on The Drum…all the comments on The Drum defending and arguing for the light the tea party offered. Where is it now?

The establishment of the republican party has used you for what it designed your purpose to be…scare up the vote for an establishment candidate. They knew then and now that they never were going to allow a so-called tea party candidate win the nomination.

Give me a m_______g break!!!! Newt f_______g Gingrich is running away with the GOP nomination??? This crook and serial playboy! This man has been the king of pocketing government money with his consulting schemes on K Street. Yet, the tea party faithful and all those other republicans will support him.

No honor I say in that. What say you true believers in the so-called tea party?

G –