Justice for Andrew

Justice for Andrew

December 5th, the day I hope to forget….

“Deb you need to get over here. Andrew’s been shot and it’s not good….”

In the summer of 1987, Karin was pregnant, very pregnant. She went through hell and endured many naysayers to protect the gift God gave her. Even then she knew that she was chosen to bring a very special miracle into this world. I cannot remember Karin hesitating for a second to not accept this challenge. Karin being young, many people said she was throwing her life away. Little did we know she was given a gift that she graciously shared with all of us. That gift was Andrew Damone Tyler, an angel among us.

I remember Andrew being stubborn and not wanting to come out. We tried many things with Karin to get this baby out. We had her jump rope, eat weird things, dance, and do strange exercises, anything…and then finally June 8, 1987, he decided to enter this world. This beautiful baby boy; a reminder of God’s covenant with His people, with our family, with Karin. Truly a blessing without a disguise, it was apparent he was indeed more than a blessing. He has always been a blessing even as he went through his ups and downs becoming a man.

As I arrived at the scene, I prayed the call was just Steve being overly dramatic and that Andrew would pop out, grinning and smiling as only he could and tell us some crazy story. He would eventually come down the street and say something that would cause us all to get mad and then laugh. That was Andrew. I was prepared to give him the “stern auntie lecture” and say the things my mom taught me about the dangerous world we live in and all the things aunties are supposed to say to back up whatever Karin would say. I was prepared to hold his hand and help him out of the situation as he so many times held my hand or hugged me and helped me out of my situations. He was a protector. That was indeed Andrew.

However I was miffed at the police tape and barely parked my car as I realized this might actually be a little more than I braced for. Police were everywhere and people looked lost and scared. Upon seeing me, they looked even more different than I expected and they were not smiling or anything to give me a sign of hope that things were going to be okay. “Oh Lord Andrew what happened here?” “Did you go overboard with a prank?” “Did the police mistake you for someone?” “Did someone pull the fire alarm?”

What in the hell….

“He didn’t make it…”

“He was killed…”

“Someone shot him….”

“We don’t know what happened but Andrew is gone”

I started to shake uncontrollably. All I could hear was this noise but what I heard could not be true. If one person in the world should have been protected and shielded it was this baby and whatever these people are saying, why are they lying and saying such horrible mess? Let’s wait for the facts and let Andrew tell it. He can straighten this out.

However he would not tell it. He would not be coming out of his home on his own. He would not be telling me anything. Only the silhouette of my sister, shattered and distraught, barely walking was all I could make out in the cold, dark night. Still I looked behind her desperately looking for my nephew. He was not there.

Okay God this is not funny anymore! Was he hurt, was he going to the hospital? Let’s prepare for these things. I was prepared for those things. What I was not prepared for was the words from my sister confirming that Andrew was gone. He was gone…

He was gone…

Andrew is gone…


She was shown a picture of his lifeless body confirming he had expired from this world. Even with her saying it, I could not accept it. I kept looking for a police officer or paramedic coming to tell us, he was going to be okay. They never did.

One can never prepare for this, especially when it is your family member…

Especially when he is only 24 years old…

Especially when he was just getting his life back under God’s control…

Especially when he was just going back to work…

Especially when he was finishing school…

Especially when you know damn well you should be dead long before him…

Especially when this person was way too full of life. We need him here, I need him here…

Especially since it was Andrew, so vibrant, so resilient, so bright…

Andrew was one of those babies born specially created in God’s purest image. He was not only beautiful on the outside, but he was so much more beautiful on the inside. He was joy, he was a smile, he was life, he was brilliant, he was passionate, he was amazingly gifted and smart, and yes he was irritating at times.  But no matter how irritating, you never left upset. You left laughing or at least cracking a smile, or if you were smart, waited until he left to laugh at whatever he did or said. He was uniquely created carrying the gift of unconditional love and joy like no other person I know. This gift was witnessed by so many people. I had not realized how infectious his being and spirit was until his wake. He has touched so many lives for the better.


People began to question what happened. Karin tried her best to tell us what happened but at the same time you could see her struggling to breath and take in what she was just told by the police. It grew very cold; reality mixed with outrage started to set in. Who did this, why? Why? Why? God why? I could feel my heart beating faster and my mind raced as I searched for a way to change this all. If I could just get to Andrew and figure out a plan to revive him, maybe something was overlooked, maybe I did have some superhero power to snatch him back. I just got to get to him. They would not let us near him. This was now a crime scene. He was there alone without his family. God this is killing me. I can only imagine what Karin was feeling. Imaging how so many families, like our family, is now feeling being ripped away from their loved one way too soon.

Karin and Andrew had a very unique bond. They were more like best friends and their relationship sustained them through many tests and trials and it ultimately became something that was immeasurable to us. Their love was a testament to compassion, dedication, and family above all else. Truly she is a great mother regardless of the roadblocks placed in her way. With Andrew at her side and then along with his siblings, Symona, Alec, Micah, and Amira, Karin rose to great heights. This weekend she is graduating from college. However she will be graduating without the one person who would have most appreciated the sacrifices she made to do it. She will have Alayna Marie, Andrew’s 2 year old daughter, a piece of Andrew, there in his place.


The police kept pushing us onto the corner. By this time a rather large crowd gathered on 50th and Congress to dispel or confirm the rumors. I was numb by this time as it was becoming more and more apparent that Andrew would not be coming down that street no matter what I was trying to will or ask God to do. He just was not. I was trying to hold up my sister, hearing her cries that will haunt me forever, for her baby boy, starting to believe this horrific story. What could I say, what could I do to take this away from her and protect her in the way Andrew would want me to? I don’t have that gift that came so easy for him. I was at a loss, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move, yet I couldn’t be still. There was something I needed to do, but what? Asking questions only led to more questions and no answers. Not having answers led to more anger and rage. If Andrew was not coming out of the house, where was the assailant who did this so we could see the face of evil and ask them why? I wanted revenge, I wanted answers, and I wanted to retaliate. These were immediate thoughts but any retaliation would not bring back Andrew.

Andrew came to school at my campus in these last months. We got to rekindle our bond and I thank God for those memories of getting to see Andrew every day with Stevie (my son) by his side. I got to talk to this man and have fun again and laugh hysterically as I worried about what Andrew might do to get us all in trouble. During this time I remembered to loosen up again, before I became such an uptight boring, serious adult. Why so serious? Andrew said. He was right why was I so serious? It’s life! One last gift he gave to me. He was unselfish like that. That was Andrew.

He was at my bedside when I got very sick and he shared his strength with me, that was Andrew.  He gave me a lecture, some questions to answer and some good advice! That very much was Andrew!

He was my protector on a few occasions and I never really knew how to thank him. He protected me from myself sometimes. He had to be the mature one! He was wise in many ways, more so than I about a few different things. That was Andrew.

Yes he had some typical young male tendencies but his new found joy in Alayna Marie started to settle him into fatherhood and manhood, which for him was a role he seemed born to play. He was a perfect dad. Simply perfect!

As the eldest sister, not only do you not want to see your nephew hurt. It burns you to your soul to see your siblings or family in any form of discontent. This is your charge as the eldest. You are the protector, the shield, the rock. And for that night I prayed I could have the powers of a superhero to give my sister back her baby and return Andrew back to this space unharmed. It was so cold that night, not only in temperature but a darkness that set into my soul and now the world looked so different, so dark and so bleak, void of a very big presence. Void of Andrew’s physical self. He was larger than life.

Just a week or so ago, with some money in his hand Andrew asked me to buy him lunch. He knew I wasn’t falling for that line, but he did this most days. He hugged me every day and his skinny little arms gave hugs (arms tattooed with his cherished reminders of his grandmother’s love for him among other things), that were truly genuine. He never took those moments for granted, you could just tell. He reminded everyone of who he was and who they would have to answer to if they should cross him. This accomplished young man was proud of me and proud for me. Not very often did I see him angry. It was not easy or fun having your aunt over your shoulder at school, but you could not tell from Andrew. He and my oldest son Steven made my day! They were like a tornado in the hallways and their ability to be charming and witty captured everyone for good or for bad. They were a dynamic duo! Joking all the time and causing trouble, yet it was hard to get mad at Andrew, next to impossible because he was that damn funny. You could not take him seriously unless discussing his daughter. That was serious business! He had a responsibility and mission to see Alayna accomplish great things. He was bound and determined to do that. He was also as loyal about his friends and family. He bragged about their accomplishments as if they were his own. That was Andrew. However he had accomplished a lot as well, and he never was boastful. He was just happy.

The next day in Andrew’s apartment was just as unbearable, no clues, no Horatio or CSI team, no Law and Order Criminal Investigation Unit, no Criminal Minds profiling and no one-hour closing to this story. We are left with fragments of a possible burglary gone wrong if that indeed was what happened. We are left wondering what Andrew’s last moments were like. Was it an associate, or an outright stranger who did this? We combed the place over and over but again walked away empty. Bullet holes laced the scene of what was Andrew’s safe haven and Alayna’s home. The stockings and tree still there to remind us of the magical holiday Andrew was creating for Alayna, now just an eerie silence as we all pondered what transpired in this space just hours previous.

I am asking my community, like too many other families have had to ask before me, to help us find answers and justice for Andrew and for our family.

One too many of our babies have been killed…

Another family burying another young man….

The story is sadly the same, but of course Andrew’s story is unique to us as well as is the pain of closing his casket and asking God to keep him until we join him again. However his spirit and what we know to be Andrew lives on and only grows stronger. Some things not even the devil or a bullet cannot take away. That was Andrew, that will always be Andrew and he will always be among us and a part of us.

May God’s peace be with you until we meet again Andrew Damone…

Until then, know that we will never stop loving you and we will always support, protect, and provide for Karin and Alayna, Symona, Alec,  Micah and Amira as we know you would have us to do.

As for the person who did this, know you are in our prayers as well. However you need to come forward because we will never rest until we see you and we understand why you took away this sacred gift and you do have to answer for your crime.

Please note that there are accounts to help the family in a way that you feel comfortable.

The Andrew Damone Tyler Memorial Fund

To help Karin with burial expenses and to seek justice for Andrew.

The Alayna Marie Tyler Benefit Fund

To help LaToya and the Tyler family raise Alayna and educate her in the way Andrew was working so hard to do.

Both Funds are at The Educator’s Credit Union


414-325-2500 Toll Free 1-800-236-5898

P O Box 081040 Racine WI  53408

For any information regardless of how insignificant please call the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-933-4444

The MPD has an anonymous tip resource online at


MPD Website


Andrew’s Memorial Video


I leave you with this song from James Fortune that Mr. Lincoln Russell sang so eloquently at Andrew’s Home going hoping it will comfort you as it has me. God be with you all and let us stay in community working for peace, justice, and a renewed sense of purpose for our young people, especially those taken by violence. We must work to make this world safe for them and us to live in.

I believe the storm will soon be over

I believe the rain will go away

I believe that I can make it through it

I believe….It’s already done

I believe family will get better

I believe God will provide

I believe the promise that He made

I believe …. It’s already done

I believe that my God is a healer

I believe that I will survive

I believe that God is able

I believe….It’s already done

Thy will be done…

Peace Family,

Andrew’s Auntie

and aka WW




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63 Responses to Justice for Andrew

  1. Whitney Cintron says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! You can feel the emotions pouring off the page as you read this. I pray that justice is served on behalf of Andrew’s death. I sincerely send my prayers out to Andrews family…I lost my brother at an early age of 25 and my family had not been the same since…my mother is still buried in pain. Andrew was a great person and will always be loved by many, as you saw at the funeral!

  2. georgia howard says:

    I’m so sorry for you guys lost i didn’t really know him but i heard nothing but good storys about him he was such a grown man that did everything in his power to make it happen for his baby and family

  3. georgia howard says:

    You guys will be in my prayers i lost my sister and she was only 19 that really hurts loseing someone

  4. Dee Page says:

    Please accept my deepest condolences. I did not know Andrew personally but I have seen many tributes to him and have heard about how kind and joyful he was. As an Aunt, I sympathize with your grief. My prayer is that the peace of God will envelop you and your family as you go through this difficult journey. Your words so eloquently express the pain that too many families face due to senseless violence. May your story fall on eyes and ears that will choose peace as a result of hearing your words.

    Peace and Blessings.

    • Ashley says:

      As a mother of 3 girls, I just had a boy! This would match peciretlywfth his grey room and white nursery. I would love either color! He already snuggles up with his blankets, this one would be even better. :)

  5. Devin says:

    When I got the news i was in shock like they r just joking imma go to my cousins house and he is gonna b sitting on the couch and roll his eyes when i walk in like he always did lol but it didnt happen… He was always with us its hard to go to the clubs and know he wont b there ta call me a jerk as I scream TWIN as loud as i can across the crowded room… He hated when I called him that but I had to! When I first met him he tried to talk to me so we hung out at the mall one day and everyone there came up to us sayin awe yall are the cutest twins ever or what kind of twins are yall even my momma called him my twin brother lol ever since then we have just been really good friends but he has always been mad at me cuz i would always refer to him as my twin… I miss him!

  6. Erika Wilson says:


  7. Russ says:

    My Dear Sister, I did not know young Brother Andrew personally, but I know the love and appreciation that you so eloquently describe in your gifted writing. I know, for in 1998 I suffered the loss of my 18 year old son. It gets better in time but that space is never filled. He will visit you in dreams, as mine does. Know that there is no sorrow or pain in the place his soul resides, while his assailant will suffer the turmoil of guilt forever, both in this life and afterward. Thank you for sharing your love and pain with our community. If there is any virtue to be derived from this tragedy, your expression of your deep loss will help sensitize us to our own humanity and that of our families, our people. We must do better by one another. With my deepest sympathy . . . Russ

  8. This is a really beautiful tribute page. It saddens me to have found out about Andrew’s tragic death so late. I went to high school with Andrew and still to this day remember how much of an impact he was at Tech. It didn’t matter where he was at or what time of day it was. Andrew was always joking around. At times we would wonder if he ever took anything serious. The first time I met Andrew he was sitting in my Spanish class listening to music. He asked me if I spoke “taco” in which I sarcastically replied “do you speak kfc?” Shocked at the fact that he was treated by a younger classmate, he asked me if I could help him with the daily warm-up. Once that semester was over, Andrew and I went our separate ways. You’ll never forget someone as animated as Andrew because he was truly a one of a kind individual. He will be greatly missed by his Tech family and friends and I personally wish his family peach and understanding in this sad time.

  9. PamH says:

    I cannot say that I knew Andrew very well but I did work with him a short time at Lowes. He had a great spirit about him and liked to smile I noticed. It is so sad that people are taking lives like this , taking people away from their families. IT IS NEVER THAT SERIOUS TO TAKE SOMEONE’S LIFE. IT IS SHAME THAT ANGER AND HATE CAN BECOME SO STRONG .

  10. Ni Chole says:

    Rest in heaven Andrew. I will never ever forget you. You was like family to me n my brothers wen we lived n the rocks (99th n fond du lac) you will always be missed n never forgotten. *tears* ima praying for yo family. All love Andrew!

  11. kesha says:


  12. Tasha Robinson says:

    I did not know your nephew, As reading this I really feel your pain and sorrow, I went through he same thing 4 years ago with my nephew also, he was taken from us at the age of 20, he was born the same year as your nephew, it happened also in his home the place you should always feel safe. If no one understand I do, I had the same exact thoughts as you, the concern of my sister and believing this was nothing but a bad dream. As reading what you wrote, I was tthinking how could she be in my head and know my exact words. The only thing I can say is justice will be serve and they will find the people or person involved, and when it happens it will bring you some closure. Just keep him alive by talking about him the good and the bad it really helps. And know that he will live on in his daughter.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am deeply Sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers! This was such an incredible story. Although I did not know Andrew, I believe he was an incredible person.

    • Indra says:

      I would love this blanket for my dahguter Ingrid, who was born on 16.7.2012 she is not even three weeks old yet. I knitted her a merino blanket, but we are still missing a cotton one. As for the border color I would love the one that YOU think fits best with a dark haired Ingrid.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t no andrew personally but just by reading this story i can see that he was a down to earth person who loved his family and who was trying to do right. It’s sad to see someone so young leave the surface of earth like that and it’s also a shame that someone can stand there and actually do something this horrible to and innocent person. I no this is hard for u but keep your head up and continue to pray. God being the powerful man that he is will bring u justice. YOU ND YOUR FAMILY ARE IN MY PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P ANDREW

  15. I didn’t know your beloved Andrew but reading all that you wrote left a feeling that I knew a wonderful person. One of my facebook friends challenged us to give back to and I can’t think of better way then to give to this family. Some Voids youll never fill but I pray God brings Justice for your family n Andrew.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This was such a beautiful and truthful tribute and memorial to Andrew’s memory. Its been a few years since I’ve seen or spoken with him but I will never forget the impact that he had on my life. I met Andrew our senior year in high school at BW3s on Valentine’s Day. I was in a horrible mood and his infectious smile and jokes brightened up my night. Over the next few years we became great friends and shared our journeys of self discovery with one another. He was so looking forward to the birth of his daughter the last time we saw one another and it crushes my heart to hear that she has lost such a wonderful presence in her young life. He will NEVER be forgotten by anyone who knew him. I am continuously praying for his soul to rest in peace and for God to comfort his family and friends. Please find comfort in knowing that his young life was nothing close to a waste. Yes it was cut short but he touched more lives in those years than anyone can take note of. He was and will always be one of a kind. We love you Andrew.

  17. Bri says:

    I did not have the pleasure of knowing this young man but my cousin knew him from school and had just communicated with him via Twitter about potty training their kids because they are both the same age lol. She told me about what happened and for some reason it really bothered me. To hear anything like this is very bothersome, but this time I felt as if I knew him… I had difficulty falling asleep that night, all I could do was pray. Pray for him, his family, his beautiful lil girl… My cousin bragged about how great of a father he was to his lil girl… I cried that night, and it still bothers me to know that there still are no answers… I pray for his and family to gain and maintain the strength to get through this trying time… I can’t even begin to imagine how they must feel. You all are in my prayers.

    • Udi says:

      My 1 year old boy would love the one with grey! I like to see how cozy my boy can be wrapped with this betiuufal blanket. My 4 years old boy also would love to play with the blanket to create his imaginary world. We will move to a new house 2 weeks later so it would be a memorial gift to them. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  18. rena says:

    I worked with andrew at walmart and he was always telling jokes and being goofy. Telling me to do saftey sweeps and telling me to be safe. He never said it in a mean way. Everyone knew he was crazy about his baby girl. I just kept thinking how is his baby going to feel to have a daddy like andrew taken away from her. How is she going to feel when she wants her daddy. God is in control and my prayers go out to your family.

  19. shaquita evans says:

    I would just like to let the family of Andrew Tyler know that u are always in my prayers. He is gone but not forgotten. My heart goes out to the baby alayna. Just know I will like to be apart of the lil fund for them. I will make sure to help out anyway possible.

  20. Anonymous says:

    my heart truly goes out to your family. I cannot imagine the pain in loosing one’s child, no matter their age. I pray that God’s Grace surround you and bring you a peace that only His Grace can. Breathe and pray. You will make it. It may be moment by moment but you will make it. Keep trusting in our Lord, and let’s all pray for peace and justice.

  21. April Calmes says:

    I’m reading this story wit my sister Shemelia…..and it just makes no sense. It makes me so tearful cuz I knew andruw and he was such a vibrant soul. But God has an entirely different plan for this strong young man. God had a better job and more fulfilling afterlife with him Amd I’m glad he wont ever have to worry abt the harsh horrible ppl in this world anymore. I just lost a friend of mines the other night and I’m goin to pray for ur whole family. God bless, yes the storm will b over soon Amd he will be with u again.

  22. Gertie Gilliam says:

    “Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5 May the LORD bless and keep you as you mourn the passing of your beloved. May the LORD give you peace, encouragement and comfort that only He can bring…though I didn’t know your loved one I pray for you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is truly a one of a kind tribute to a one of a kind person. I knew Andrew from Track & field in high school. He was quite the flirter and comedian. But a great and awesome person to be around. I remember the first time I met him I didn’t really wanna talk but he broke the ice with a joke about my attitude and we used to talked about each other’s hair. I remember him being so open and freindly to any and everyone. Andrew will be truly missed by all those he has loved and who loved him. To family and friends his physical absence is only for a short time for we will be reunited with Andrew in spirit. I pray that God has mercy on the person responsible. I give my deepest symapthy to his beautiful daughter, mother and family.

  24. Esteban Salamanca says:

    I remember goin to track meets and cross country meets wen Andrew went to Tech I’m a 02 grad from tech n fellow track/cross country runner n I remember he woul have me LMMFAO everytime… He would ask for advise for his runnin form wat he should do wen he runs etc…..
    He was a bright young man and will be missed but not forgotten
    Thx for the laught Andrew may u R.I.P.

  25. NIcole says:

    Beautifully said! My brother was murdered a few years ago and I still am hurt by it…reading this made me cry… I went to Tech with Andrew and he was always smiling…. I am sorry for your familys loss. Hope someone turns the killer in, GOD BLESS!

  26. Erinn Agnew says:

    I had Andrew in 2 of my classes this semester and we became friends. Andrew was such a great person and always made me laugh. I will never forget his free spirit and how beautiful of a person he was. I had just recieved a text from Andrew 3 days before the incident and to return to school and hear the news broke my heart! My heart and prayers go out to his daughter and family. And i have prayed everyday that justice is served because he did not deserve this! So to a wonderful man who always kept a smile on my face and always made me laugh, may you R.I.P. I hope to see your smiling face when i get there! An angel taken too soon! And you may be gone, but NEVER forgotten!

  27. Shawnie says:

    Andrew was a great guy. I have a huge sense of humor and he always entertained it from the day I met him. I remember that moment vividly. We were in the hallway at Tech. I was walking, and I noticed him just run up to me, out of breath, saying” Aye, Excuse me, uhh, how i look?” While Rubbing his chin with his index and thumb. I still laugh at that because I thought something was really wrong. What a way to break the ice lol. But from that day on through my years in high school he kept me laughing. I just wish he was still here…RIP Andrew

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    When I read this story it brought tears to my eyes. To many of our young our taken way to soon. I can only imagine what Karyn is going through because I have not lost a son. I lost my fiance’ in 2009 and thought that I would not be able to move forward without him here in my life. I can promise you that as time goes on things will get better. He will always be in their hearts and they will meet again. God has a plan for all of us and he was ready for his angel “Andrew” to come home and be with him. Now Andrew is his families angel. This family will continue to be in prayers that they get the strength to continue to be strong for the rest of the children.

  30. Brittney Gayden says:

    I recently lost a love one to gun violence, I share your pain.. I also knew Andrew and everytime I saw him he smiled and asked me how I was doing, he was a good guy:) My love is with u all and just remember Gods got it all in control… we are all here for a short time until God calls us to be with him for eternity, Where Andrew is there is no crying, no sadness, no pain and no violence he is in perfect peace… Yes he is missed here on earth but he’s in a way better place now.. Much love to his precious baby girl and thank God for the time he had with her and had with u all. Let his death bring you closer to God open God’s word and let it heal your hurt.. I love you guys..

  31. j.good says:

    my deepest prayers go out to your family. I didnt personally know andrew but I remember seeing him since milwaukee is small and around the same age. i always remember him being a positive reflection of what a more young black men should be like here. To the people who did this: May your actions and his spirit haunt you! Reveal yourself now and may God have mercy on your soul…

    Stay strong Auntie, you will see him again. “Heaven Is For Real”

    • Anonymous says:

      also, get aggressive family. dont let the dept. close this case! get shirts made that say justice for drew. post on twitter and fb. make these killers be reminded everwhere they go that there is no other option but to come forward!

    • Mamie :-) says:

      Andrew was a amazing person. We went to school together in high school. Although he was 2 grades lower than me he made sure I knew him. Which was a honor infact. Everyday he made sure he made me smile or laugh. No matter wat my day was like Andrew made sure I was happy. He did just that! Im so hurt & sadden that we.lost contact as adults. Im happy that he was blessed to bring life into this cruel world to carry out his memories and joy. Andrew and I used to pretend to be married even tho he annoyed.the hell out of me most days lol. Years later I still remember his.personality as if it were just yesterday in tech hallways. My heart goes out to his family and especially his little girl. He had so much energy and life that im dumfounded that someone would take his life…tear! If I could say anything to Andrew right now i would say thank you for always being you. Positive, sweet, energetic, annoying, and so much more. Thx for making sure I acknowledged you. You will truly be missed.

  32. Minister Latrice Mills says:

    May God be wit u & ur family. My prayers are wit all of u. I kno how u all are feelinf. I lost a great nephew who was 3yrs old to the hands of his father in 2009 Khamari Martice. We still grieve wen we think about him as well as smile.. It will get a lil easier.. Just take it one day at a time & love his daughter wit everything u have… May the Peace Of God fall upon ur family every awakening moment… God Bless…

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. shorn says:

    I didn’t know Andrew at all but just reading all the thoughts and stroies about him makes me understand that it is still some kind people in milwaukee. I have 10 brothers and sisters and life itself couldn’t prepare for a lost of one of them. I felt so warm reading the good things about Andrew. It is ashame how voilence against each other goes. Andrew will always be watching over his family. I am so sorry for your lost. He is such a blessing….

  35. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad it just made me start to cry its just these ppl in this world are crazy in i hope they catch the person who did this rip

  36. lana says:

    Miss u Andrew R.I.P until we meet again….Love u man

  37. Topacio says:

    :*( Such a tragic loss. Such a beautiful person inside and out. My heart and prayers go out to his family. I knew Andrew from Tech. He wasn’t a flirt, he just knew a nice girl when he saw one. :) I pray the Lord has mercy on his soul. I pray for justice for Andrew, and a peace that surpasses all understanding for his family. Its sad that tragedies like this have to happen but the Lord IS in control and we just have to trust and pray that somehow a blessing will come out of this whole situation.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know andrew personally but I do remember him from middle school, but may he rest in peace. My condolences goes out to his family.

  39. Crystal says:

    Andrew is not the person who one imagines this happening to, it’s surreal………. As you all mentioned…. he was soooo funny! I imagined him living to be an old man… still crazy and making everyone laugh at 95 years old…… I’ll always remember the day I met Andrew, because it was just THAT FUNNY! It was spring 2004, and we were at an indoor track meet at South Division HS… It had just ended actually… So everyone was acting a fool… singing “Game Over” by Lil Flip…… Some guys started flipping down the hallway…. and Andrew (unable to flip I guess) started rolling on the ground, pretending to flip, looking like an out of control 2 year old!! IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY! A few minutes later (mind you I don’t know Andrew at this point) he walks right up to and says, “Girl you need a perm”…. I’m like “WHAT.. I JUST GOT DONE WITH A TRACK MEET!”… and we both started laughing…. He then asked me for my phone number….. And even after the insult… I couldn’t help but give it to him….. Because that was Andrew… He had that kind of charm……… RIP Andrew… and God be with the Tyler family, as I know the pain is unbearable now…. but it will get better….. and I pray that you will one day be able to remember Andrew, and not think of what happened December 5th… but of all that Andrew was… and still is inside of you….

  40. Camille says:

    I’ve known Andrew probably since I was 17 and I have nothing but great memories of him. You could always look to him for laughs. I think about him and I just smile because of all the different memories I have with him. He was a good man who unforunately was taken to soon. My prayers are with the family. This tribute brought tears to my eyes and I only pray that justice is brought fourth for his death!

  41. I am Anthony Thrash-Strongs grandmother, who spoke of Andrew at the funeral. I have known Drew for many years and loved that he and Ant shared their little girls together. My heart aches for all of you and your family, for the burying of a child before the parent is not in Gods will. This is a most touching tribute to Andrew. My prayers are also for the person who did this. Anyone who knows anything should come forward. Venegence is mine sayeth the Lord. If we can not find out, Gods knows. Suffering for those who go against the Words of the Lord. Pray for our family also as this world is full of evil and we need each other.R.I.P. my friend.

  42. Cheryl Haywood says:

    Hi Deb! I’m one of Lance’s cousins who resides in south Florida. I don’t think that I ever met Andrew. However, after reading your beautifully written tribute to your nephew, I feel like I know him. When one of our family members hurts, we all hurt. I’m going to repost this tribute on my Facebook page. Hopefully, this cold-blooded killer will be caught and brought to justice soon. May God comfort you and your family!

  43. Shakara says:

    Wonder Woman you know you are more than a big sis to me, more like a mom, I’ve been able to confide in you with a lot of things…I haven’t been on TMD in a while and I closed my Facebook page just to get some insight on my life…and the first thing I see when I visit the site is this….I am so heartbroken for you and your family. ;-( I can’t out my thoughts into words right now but I am praying for you all.

  44. Anonymous says:

    This is a very moving tribute to who is remembered to be a very unforgettable and vibrant, young soul. I know Andrews mother, and remember him at the age of eight,, I hadn’t seen him for a while, but I was reminded of him when my daughter called me on the day after his murder to tell me about him being shot, but she,, she reminded me that he was the young man that worked at lowes by mid town,,and wore the long two long braids in his hair,, I told her ok I do remember the young man because he was soo polite and helpful,,but what I didn’t realize until I went on my facebook wall , was that..Karin’s son and the young man my daughter had mention , were one of the same. My prayers are with the tyler family, and I will also pray for the person who took his this precious young man’s life,,

    As people of this community we should keep on the police about this and if we know or hear anything do the right thing and let the police know. If the friend and family of the person who did this is out there and know, please encourage that person to do the right thing, remember God is watching us all.

    God Bless us all.

  45. la says:

    I remember the days me and Andrew would go to COA youth center on the east side and he would always get in trouble for messing with the girls that worked downstairs. He was a trip, he would always crack jokes even in serious situations. As bad as the teen workers wanted to be mad all they could do was laugh lol. He was a person that no one could ever hate or even dislike a little. We would have sleep overs at each others houses and my parents called him son and he called my mom “Mom”. It was never a quiet moment when drew was around. we always went to get our hair braided together and we stayed on that good route 23 bus lol. He was the soul reason why my teen life was so fun and fore filling, we had tons of fun. Cant believe your gone drew but trust me we know your still here, but you will be missed, luv you bro.

  46. VictoriaE says:

    I dont know much about Andrew but I just send condolences out to the family. May God be with the family and you guys are all in my prayers. I know how it feels to loose someone so close so soon. Just remember what goes around comes back around. So the person that did it dont have nothing good coming their way.. Strong prayers goes out to Andrew’s family and also his baby. R.I.P Andrew

  47. Gary G says:

    I had the pleasure of attending high school with drew so sad what happened yet all I can remember is laughing n joking whenever our paths crossed my condolences to the family n to the coward(s) who took another young mans life n put so many people thru agonizing pain left a young girl fatherless I pray for u n I hope u r arrested soon cuz it hurts my daughter is the same age as his wat would she do without me wat will my mom brothers n sisters do my son would be lost r.i.p andrew ill never forget u bro we wasnt the closest of friends but it hurts the same

  48. Anonymous says:

    i miss u bruh,

  49. adam b says:

    This is sooooooooo terrible. I lost my 19 year old brother to violence two years ago. I was on the scene to watch him pass and his last words ever in life were to me..” love bro, i love you” over and over and he was gone…

    I know pain as well, but that doesnt take away for the compassion and pain i feel for you and your family. i know its a constant hurt nothin can stop

    I knew andrew as well. We grew up together on 89th and hampton…. He was an Everyday friend. I havet seen him as much in our adult years but when i did it was always friendly, we”d exchange #s and loss contact just to see each other again n repeat the process…

    to sum it up, I had maad love for drew and respected him 100000% as a man and father… we pray for you drew and your family…

    ADAM B (AD)

  50. ..... says:

    man i hated to see him go like this he was such a goofy and happy person…. I dont know what this world is coming to ppl just killin each other over the craziest things I wish i can ask those guys are u satifisied? Did u really get what u wanted? Thats messed My prayers goes out to his family. Stay strong bless u all

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