By Bob Law

There is something sinister about the country’s drift to the extreme right. With the aid and support of most of the country’s media, the ultra conservative right wing has begun to expand their war on the poor and working class in general and Black Americans in particular. For instance Michael Bloomberg, the unpopular and distrusted mayor of New York City, has proposed a social engineering plan that would place all new immigrants to America in Detroit Michigan, as a way of repopulating that city.

This, rather than relocating American industry in that city, a move that would create jobs and generate income for the current residents of Detroit most of whom are Black, As Americas economy continues to struggle, some of the nations largest mega corporations continue to export jobs and industry overseas while refusing to reveal the number of workers they employ in the United States compared to the number they employ outside the country. According to Travis Waldron at The most recent data shows that this out sourcing has cost the United States 2.9 million jobs while creating 2.4 million jobs overseas between 2004 and 2009. Bloomberg says send people instead of industry to Detroit.

All the social comfort indicators make it clear that the overall condition of Blacks is becoming more and more fragile. Black people, however, are still being offered and are accepting symbolic victories that have no real substance. Blacks are still celebrating the number of Black elected officials even though they have been unable to deliver essential services as well as protections for the declining Black communities around the country. Blacks rejoice over the presence of a Black as the head of a major white corporation, while Blacks own less than 1% of all the businesses in America, 38% of Black Americans live below the poverty line, Black children are trapped in dysfunctional public school systems in every city in this country and the public school to prison pipeline has resulted in a prison population that is more than 51% Black.

In the wake of the increased attacks on unions, public schools, health care, due process, the removal of essential services, as well as the corrupt foreclosure scams that further marginalize poor and working class Americans, It is apparent that Black Americans will have to go beyond protest and begin to organize to affect and influence both public and private policy.

While mayor Bloomberg attempts to manage Detroit, in his own New York City It was organizations like the newly formed Freedom Party, the new Parents Union and the new Committee For Educational Excellence Now that took protest to the next level of organized combat when they filed lawsuits, and mobilized parents and educators to successfully remove an unqualified Chancellor of the New York City public school system. It was more than protest to simply express a legitimate anger. It was in fact organizing on the level of regime change.

It was on May 7, 2011, that the National Institute For Latino Policy announced that the White House initiative For Educational Excellence for Hispanics swore in several new commissioners and held their inaugural meeting at the White House convened by Executive Director Juan Sepulveda. However Blacks are told that it would be unfair to expect such an effort on behalf of Black students since the President is the President of all Americans. In accepting that logic, Blacks may be the only group in the nation reluctant to pursue a strategy that will address the very real needs of their own group.

There are many righteous people in the Black community who have been subdued since the election of Bill Clinton, feeling that having a friend in the White House was sufficient to aid Black progress. The Obama presidency has however introduced an intriguing challenge for Black Americans. How do we actually respond to a Black president, most Blacks have agreed to love him and keep our distance so that our legitimate aspirations can not be used as a further weapon against the Obama presidency.

Black people can no longer afford to remain silent. In fact, it is time for all righteous people to stand against the right wing wickedness and hypocrisy snaking across America. In the absence of a strident Black political presence, the right wing becomes embolden. It was the Black movement for justice that has always been Americas moral compass moving this nation from wrong to right. In the face of injustice we have always harkened to the words of that old negro spiritual “My lord calls me. He calls me by the thunder. I ain’t got long to stay here.” It was that sentiment that compelled Dr. King to commit to being a drum major for justice

Without that strident Black voice, a distorted political perspective prevails. Consider the recent debt ceiling debacle. The rightwing says that it is President Obama’s reckless fiscal policy that is hurling the country into astronomical debt. And therefore, he cannot be allowed to raise the debt ceiling. Former Republican senator Rick Santorum claims that “the problem is that we have spending that has exploded”, suggesting that it is Obama doing the spending. Consider this, since 2001 Bush and the republicans have raised the debt ceiling 7 times and each time it was caused by Bush/Republican programs. Twice they cut taxes for the rich that has cost the government $4.4 Trillion since 2001. They launched two wars which were the first wars in American history that were not paid for by raising taxes or spending cuts to generate revenue to finance the wars. Instead they put it on the credit card and raised the debt ceiling, the cost to the nation since 2001is $1.7 Trillion.

According to the Noble Prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz, the cost of the wars in Irag and Afghanistan will exceed $5 trillion. In fact, the total cost of Bush era programs was $7.34 trillion before Obama ever got there. The increase in the national debt under Bush / Republicans since 2001 is $8.2 trillion. 90% of the nations current debt is due to Republican programs and spending.

These right wing professional politicians are lying. They oppose President Obama because they are white, and as such they feel compelled to destroy the presidency of the nations first Black president. Somebody ought to stand up and tell the truth.

The prophet Isaiah (59:-4)has made it clear that God is displeased when none calleth for justice, nor any plead for truth, for when justice standeth afar off and truth is fallen in the street, equity cannot enter. Sweet Honey In The Rock sings that we who love freedom are still on the journey. This then is an appeal to those who love freedom and justice to get busy and begin pushing back against racism, lies and deceit.

We cannot remain silent any longer. Black Americans were settling down preparing to enjoy the new post racial America, and then we heard the thunder!