For those with a Concious Mind I want to recommend that you follow @BLAKOBEN for constant thought provoking and uncomfortable subject matter pertaining to US. I wanted to share with you the following tweets we I came across a couple days ago…enjoy.

1) boys are students men are teachers 30 Jan
2) boys are consumers men are producers
3) boys play with toys men work with tools
4) boys break things men make things
5) boys ask questions men give answers
6) boys are disruptive men bring order
7) boys run in gangs men organize teams
8) boys play house men build homes
9) boys shack up men get married
10) boys make babies men raise children
11) a boy won’t raise his own children but a man will raise his and somebody else’s
12) boys invent excuses for failure, men produce strategies for success…
13) boys look for somebody to take care of them, men look for somebody to take care of…
14) boys are present-centered men are time-balanced, having a knowledge of the past & understanding of the present & a vision for the future
15) boys seek popularity men demand respect…
16) boys are up on the latest, men are down with the greatest….