UPDATE: Black Student Arrested In UWP Noose & Hit List HOAX

UPDATE: Kenosha Co. Sheriff David Beth tells the media Friday night that the threats at UW-Parkside are a hoax.

 Beth said one of the African-American female students on the so-called hit-list admitted to investigators she wrote the list.

 Beth said charges were expected Monday.

I think I am more disturbed in the fact that a black student would pull a hoax like this. This is one of the reasons why progress is so hard to make and why allegations of true events like this are swept under the rug or laughed at. 


Our schools have been desegregated. We have a black president. Some of you thought all was well.

It isn’t.

The start of Black History Month has been ruined by acts of ignorance and hatred.

A noose made of rubber bands (the picture above is the actual noose) was found in a common area of a suite at UW-Parkside Wednesday night. A black female student reported the noose, and on Thursday received a threatening note near her door that listed the names of several black students that were “going to die”.

Thursday night, UW-Parkside Chancellor Debbie Ford told an audience of about 400 students, staff and faculty that “UW-Parkside will not tolerate hate of any kind”. UW-Parkside Police Chief James Heller said immediate steps have been taken to ensure the safety of all UW-Parkside students. With help from officers from the UWM Police Department and deputies from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, patrols have been increased in residence halls, parking areas, and the main academic complex.

It is unknown who wrote the note and hung the noose.

It amazes me how people love to say how lazy black people are, how dumb and uneducated we are, how we are just welfare sucking babies who don’t know the value of work, yet we are being harrassed and chased out of school.

Many of the students have reportedly packed their bags and left the campus for the year.

What does it take to be seen as an equal? It is the most painful hurt to be hated because of the amount of melanin in your skin.

I’ve done some reading on comment boards where this story is posted and many white commentators are saying, “Oh this noose was made out of rubber bands, not real rope, it’s no big deal” and “Well at least they didn’t hang anyone” and “Don’t make this bigger than it is”. These are the same people that wanted to “send all blacks back to Africa” after the “racially motivated” attacks against whites at State Fair.

DO NOT allow the media to sweep this under the rug!

Please show your support for our brothers and sisters trying to get an education and change this marred society, whether you are white, black, Hispanic, Asian…we must unite to let these people know this will NOT be tolerated. There are many white students on campus who have joined the No H8 Fight. As a college student who was chased away from a college in rural Indiana from similar acts, I plan to take a stand as well.

To my brothers and sisters at Parkside: DON’T give up. Continue to reach for the stars and get your education and achieve success. We let them win when we throw in the towel. Don’t fight back with anger, success is the best revenge. You have a right to remain on that campus and learn. Education is one of the main weapons we need in this fight. You are not alone. 

About Shakara

I am a recent UWM grad with a bachelor's degree in journalism. My goal is to have my own television show where I can reach out to my people. I also desire to have a youth center for inner city kids struggling to find guidance. I will be starting a radio show in summer 2012...Brown Sugar & Spice.
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4 Responses to UPDATE: Black Student Arrested In UWP Noose & Hit List HOAX

  1. jimh79 says:

    While you’re to be congratulated for not putting this post down the memory hole after the hoax was revealed, I would be interested to see the keen psychological insight you used on the raaaa-cist white people who failed to be alarmed by this event to be turned on this student. What system of incentives would make this student want to do this? What made you incapable of skepticism towards it? (There have, after all, been several instances of just this sort of thing nationwide over the years) But… naaah. This was just an isolated incident. No broader significance at all! Move along, people, nothing to see here…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think we all know all too well that this happens so frequently it was believable from the start. If that were not true, this person would not have done this. She did this knowing how Wisconsin is in such a “time warp” regarding race. Same thing with the man who murdered his wife conversely killing Northridge once and for all. He too knew what we all know. Racism is rampant and acceptable in Wisconsin. Now sadly this young lady set our work back decades with the stretching of a rubber band! She has no idea to what ends she has effected the tempermental race relations we are “enjoying” now. We have to work that much harder, be smarter, faster, stronger, quicker, and all of the above to get back to where we were pre-rubberband. She is sad, but I wonder if she suffers from mental issues so I do not want to be too quick to judge her. I will pray for her, I am very disappointed in her and if she needed attention this badly, I wonder what programs they have at Parkside for people in her position to get help. I was at first bothered and angry that she did this but I guess my human compassion is tugging at me. What would drive a person to need attention of this magnitude, and how many others we walk past are like her needy for attention?

    I applaud Sister Shakara for revisting the topic in the face of this newest update. Yes for those of us who were publically outraged, it leaves a little egg on our face, but not by our doing, but by this girls’s actions and iving in the most segregated city in the country. It takes a toll on you living as the recipient of racism day in and day out. Of course she is very courageous always!! However this is a tough one with no winners in sight. That campus, the anger envoked, the time wasted, it all is sad and revealing about life in Wisconsin as we know it.

  3. Wonder Woman says:

    Not Anonymous, sorry forgot to sign in…
    Wonder Woman

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