Morbid Tours To Revisit Black Milwaukee’s Horrific Past

Morbid Tours To Revisit Black Milwaukee’s Horrific Past

Jeffery Dahmer was a very sick person who did a lot of damage to Milwaukee, especially black Milwaukee. The families of the victims went through hell and still live with the pain of his horrific acts to this day.  On this Saturday, March 3rd, Bam Marketing and Media will begin giving tours of Dahmer’s hangouts and pick up spots to a sold out group of equally sick people who want to see his old stomping grounds.

The mayor, city officials and anyone involved have been silent on the issue. Meanwhile the group giving the $30 tour is claiming it is an informational venture. We all know that is not the case. When asked if they would give any part of the revenue to victim families, they said they would but did not know how to do this. BS!! However victim families have reported no one has reached out to them about anything regarding this.

Groupon was selling tickets but sold out quickly.

The only elected official on the case fighting to stop this has been Milwaukee County Supervisor Jim Witkowiak. He has been vocal about the tours and the need for the community to stand up against this re-victimizing of the families and the city.

It would be good of our Mayor, NAACP, and others get vocal as well. They can help the families either get some peace or some of the earnings from this sick display of human greed. We need to reach out to them and make it happen for these families.

For more on the story you can visit:

Channel 6 WITI’s story

For a listing of the victims and our community request for a memorial for their beloved deceased at:

Family, let’s not let these people come in and revisit more hurt on these families without paying the price. We cannot stop them legally, but we can make them miserable and sorry for even attempting this.

Contact Mayor Barrett and tell him to get involved

200 E. Wells Street
City Hall Rm.201
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 286.2200

NAACP Milwaukee Chapter

2745 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Suite 203

Milwaukee, WI 53212

Phone: (414) 562-1000

Fax: (414) 562-1091

Thank Jim Witkowiak and tell him you are with him:

City Hall, Room 205, 200 E. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53202   |   (414) 286-2221

Contact Bam Marketing and Media online and give them a piece of your mind!!

Peace Family,


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7 Responses to Morbid Tours To Revisit Black Milwaukee’s Horrific Past

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are no words bad enough to show how disgusting this whole thing is. Some people seem to think that money trumps any other values. Hope it gets stopped.

  2. blue cheddar says:

    Occasional Madison reader here. So disgusted for the City of Milwaukee and its residents. Profiting off of the horror of Dahlmer in this way is despicable. There is a place for capitalism and a place where it should be halted because of what our collective conscience tells us. This is allowing profit at the expense of your city’s soul.

    • Mark E. Bye says:

      Is this what Scott Walker meant when he proclaimed that Wisconsin is “Open for Business”? I guess so. Like Larry, Darryl and Darryl, Walker has created an atmosphere in our state that’s all about “Anything for a Buck” Come on Mayor Barrett. Take a stand on this. Someone draw a line in the sand.

  3. I can just only imagine the reaction from the victim’s families. They didn’t do anything like this in Illinois (After Gacy murdered young men) or in Florida (After Bundy murdered young women). This murder tour prevents the City of Milwaukee from breaking free from the title as “The place where Jeffrey Dahmer murdered young men.”

  4. I live in the community where the morbid Dahmer did his damage, undetected, unchecked, un-noticed, and until the last victim escaped, un-punished. That brother is still alive and I am sure suffering mentally, not only from the damage that Dahmer inflicted, but the fact that a heinous creature could go undetected and thrive amidst us.
    I respectfully advocate for the tour, as our minds must wonder what went array to allow such gruesome events to happen in our City. I suspect it is the same attitudes and un-caring that allows minority poverty, unemployment, and suffering to be present in our City now.

  5. Disrael says:

    Sick…..Show how you really feel by not supporting this mess.

    • Rajini says:

      There was an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Saturday about how some mmreebs of the black community were very upset to learn that the sniper(s) (suspects) are black, as if that makes a bit of difference. You’ve got to love the spin people will put on anything in the news.

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