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Milwaukee (March 13, 2012) – Tracey Corder’s campaign has proven itself dishonest again. The first time was when Nicholas Reindl, who received a hefty $500 for managing the Corder campaign, deceitfully attacked former frontrunner Penny Sikora in an action that appalled Democrats and Republicans alike. Now, in a desperate plea to persuade people to attend a fundraising event, Tracey Corder has made false claims that Deanna Alexander, the current frontrunner, has been financially supported by a pro-Walker organization.

Alexander held clear favor with voters in the primary election and has been successful because of her refusal to sell-out to the powers-that-be and her commitment to a non-partisan race. Unlike her accuser, Alexander has not received any organizational contributions whatsoever. Alexander is particularly shocked because she and Corder met in person early on in the race and agreed to mutually avoid mud slinging.

“Corder’s allegation is false. While I have been endorsed by the Wisconsin Family Action PAC, this is because I am pro-family, not because of partisanship. In fact, Governor Walker was not even a topic of consideration in the vetting process,” said Alexander.

“The only contributions that my campaign has received have been from individuals – not

organizations. Furthermore, I have vowed to voters not to accept money from organizations or committees that would be directly impacted by my decisions as supervisor,” said Alexander.

The Corder campaign, on the other hand, has demonstrated expertise in astroturfing – claiming to be “grassroots” and “people-powered” when the opposite is true. Corder has been financed and pushed by a state senator, state representatives, county board members, school board members, and unions that stand to benefit from her campaign.

Corder has even accepted contributions from Next Generation Milwaukee PAC, a political action committee that was formed by current County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic, who has been reported as having intent to get certain candidates elected to the board in order for herself to become Chairwoman.

Alexander is concerned about Corder’s methods; “The position of county supervisor is non-partisan in order to grant the people a true representative. I have both Democrat and Republican, pro-Walker and pro-recall voter support due to my interest in working with both sides. Corder has unfortunately shown that she is bought-and-paid-for by power, wealth, and politicians.”

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As of this week I have not heard response back from the Corder Camp about these charges. As soon I as I hear something I will pass it along.