In typical Milwaukee fashion, the talking heads on the local sports talk radio have little enthusiam and a small sack when it comes to any real sports talk. All we’ve heard for a full day on-air is how great a player Monta Ellis is. True, the kid can ball but he is coming with major baggage. All year long, they went after Stephen Jackson and had him run out of town. Yet, they are kissing Monta’s behind and crowning him the most athletic and exciting guard in the franchises history.

Did any of you so-called professional talking sports heads know he has a sexual harrassment charge hanging over his head?

The accusser, Erika Ross Smith is a former employee of the Golden State Warriors who has alleged that Monta sent her a explicit texts and pics of his little man. Monta, Monta, Monta…you cannot do that here in Milwaukee son.

I guess I’ll tune in for a little bit today and listen to hear if the talking heads on ESPN or Fox have anything to say.