Breaking News: Milwaukee County Campaigns Get Nasty!

Jose Perez Campaign Uses the “N” word!

Felix Questell of the Jose Perez campaign team uses the “N” word to go toe to toe with constituents.

Taken from our friend Robert Miranda:

Mr. Perez says that “his campaign supporters are being “goaded” into saying things they should not be saying, is truly a statement beyond words. Really the “N” word had to be used? Give me a break!

Mr. Perez is running against Jim Witokowiak, I don’t think I need to say more. You know what to do!

In other plotting we find Peggy Romo West and Marina Dimitrijevic discussing how to control media and the Hispanic vote.

From Latinos United for Political Action (LUPA) released the following communications:

“Re: Fw: question
Peggy West to: Marina Dimitrijevic 05/05/2011 11:07 AM Cc: “Harold Mester”

Wow, he is really not letting this go…Harold, what do you think? Should we continue to engage him or do you have any other strategies to get us over this whole conversation?

Peggy A. West
Milwaukee County Board, 2nd Vice Chairwoman Milwaukee County Supervisor, District 12
(414) 278-4269
(414) 223-1380 fax

Also from Ms. West:

This is an email from Peggy West to Harold Mester, Public Information Manager Milwaukee County, when we were trying to get more representation for our community on the county board. This is what

Peggy West wrote.

“Hey Harold,

I know we are giving this guy way too much time but his comments suggest that Latino’s need …”more representation”? Having a 2nd Hispanic majority district does not ensure a Latino will be elected . Marina has never had a Latino opponent and she has the “Hispanic Influence District” at the same time with Supervisor Lipscomb’s district being majority AA, Alderman Roberto Puentes’ district also being majority AA, and finally my friend Alderman Julio Maldonado of GREENFIELD, they all were able to win their seats? Furthermore, the State Assembly has never made this area a “Hispanic Majority” yet the last two people to hold that seat (one for 10 years) are both Hispanic…and just to drive the point home both the “Hispanic Majority” and “Hispanic Influence” districts are both represented on the Common Council by Anglos who have both run and won against Latinos…so does it seem like it matters?

I am afraid I don’t understand his point and would kind of like him to clarify.”

Finally in District 18 Alexander and Corder

The race took a turn for the worst when allegedly Corder canvassers where seen removing Alexander literature and possibly signs. Corder denies these allegations and the Milwaukee Police Department and Election Commission are now reviewing evidence and reports of the offenses. When questioning these allegations I was met with campaign workers who are working on this campaign. Needless to say it was nothing they wanted to hear. However these things need to be reported and I will point out that until further investigations, the acts are alleged despite reports to me and others of what was going down. On top of the alleged acts, soon thereafter a very left wing writer, pens a silly series of accusations about Ms. Alexander and even ties her to Walker and the Koch brothers, despite Ms. Alexander saying she did not vote for Walker and is a County employee (hint, hint) while Ms. Corder is listed as “unemployed” in open financial records. Seems like someone is on the payroll over on that left wing blogging site. Certainly truth is not a part of their mission.

Some people are desperate to get into office and are doing anything by any means to get into the county board.

Family I won’t tell you how to vote, other than the stories I submitted last week that did have endorsements by me and I stand by them. Feel free to read them at your leisure.

However all I want you to know is the truth, I want you to educate yourself. Bloggers are not always the voice of the people. I wish I could say we all stand for truth, justice and the American way, but human fallacies take hold sometimes, especially when the Walker issue is heavy on everyone’s minds. It seems to corrupt all politics even at the county level where this is supposed to be a nonpartisan branch of government. Take time to read the websites, read the literature, use the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access / CCAP and vet your candidates as you would a date or babysitter. Yes get educated because some of these people running DO NOT have OUR best interest at heart. The rest is up to you!

Peace Family,


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