Milwaukee In Top 3 of 40 Worst Cities in America for Black Men Not Working

There seems to be no national and few local plans to change this modern American Catastrophe… percentage of employed, working-age (16-64) black males in these cities:     

Detroit     43.0    
Buffalo     43.9    

Milwaukee     44.7

Cleveland     47.7    
Chicago     48.3    
St. Louis     51.3    
Philadelphia     51.7    
Phoneix     52.0    
 Cincinnati 52.6    
Indianapolis     52.6    
Richmond     52.7    
 Memphis     53.2    
Hartford     53.3    
San Francisco     53.3    
Pittsburgh     53.3    
Miami 53.4    
New Orleans     53.5    
Omaha     53.8    
Oakland     53.8    
Las Vegas     54.2    
Birmingham     54.3    
Newark     54.5    
Columbus     54.7    
Jacksonville     54.8    
Los Angeles     54.8    
Kansas City     55.1    
Seattle     56.3    
Charlotte     56.5    
San Diego     57.1    
New York City     57.4    
Portland     57.4    
Baltimore     57.5    
Houston 58.3    
Nashville     58.3    
Denver    58.8    
Atlanta 59.0    
Minneapolis     59.3    
Boston     59.7    
Dallas     61.0    
Washington, D.C. 66.6 

Information from Race and Male Employment in the Wake of the Great Recession by Marc Levine of the Center for Economic Development at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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One Response to Milwaukee In Top 3 of 40 Worst Cities in America for Black Men Not Working

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    And yet our mayor denies, ignores, and keeps getting elected.

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