Not sure about you family, but I had to take a looooonnnnggggg a** break from talking (writing). I had to…it appears to me that the more I get down, the less ish really changes so why bother??? I’m tired of the talking headz on cable talking about liberal this and right wing that…I’m sick of US thinking any of these rich people really care about you and will do anything for your support (aka vote).

I must say, it gives me a little hope (on occassion) when a young cat like E. Biddle (EB) gets in front of an audience, camera, or microphone. You know why? Because he talks the way I like Black Men to speak…aggressive. He tells it like it is and that’s what I respect in a man…any man.

A few weeks ago, one of my operatives got at me live about The ABE Movement (All Black Everything) which EB is a prominate member of. I checked out the Facebook page and was excited to read the following tag…ALL BLACK EVERYTHING is unapologetically committed to the reclamation, preservation, protection, and progression of Black culture, Black power, and Black people.

So it got me to thinking…this rhetoric isn’t new, yet it is refreshing to read and see. I thought a little more and asked if maybe this ABE had legs and staying power? I responded with an affirmative, but only if it had the right person and followers to make it last.

Thus I thought again…EB could take this ABE thing to a level yet unseen in our communities since the dearly-departed Black Panther Party was in its heyday.

A week or so ago, I heard EB was on a local talk show and took the heads off of two Black journalists at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. From what was reported to me, he made the talk show host a little uncomfortable with how hard he went after them as well as some of the Black pols in the state.

The BPP had Huey P. Newton…is Milwaukee about to see Newton reincarnate within EB? Only time can (and hopefully will) bear witness to this brother’s mission in Black Milwaukee. I’ll be hanging around long enough to see if it happens.

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