8th Assembly District Turmoil: Incumbent Allegedly Fires False Accusations!

As shared with the Milwaukee Drum there is turmoil brewing in the 8th Assembly District race between JoCasta Zamarripa (D/Inc) and Write-In Candidate Laura Manriquez (D).

Taken from Wikipedia:

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zamarripa graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in 2005. She was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2010. Previously, she had worked as an educator and community outreach coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

In a July 2012 interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, she announced that she is bisexual. She is one of three openly LGBT members of the Wisconsin Legislature, alongside Sen. Tim Carpenter (D–Milwaukee) and Rep. Mark Pocan (D–Madison).


Manriquez has been an outspoken activist of the community for many years and just recently lost her son to a drive by hit and run accident. She decided that she wanted to be part of active change in her community and felt her community has not been represented as well as it can be. She decided to run for her son, for her people, and againast politricks as usual in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

So What the Fuss?

Wisconsin Assembly Leader Scott Suder (R) endorsed Manriquez saying she has experience in bipartisan work and would be a good fit in the state legislature. Upset over the endorsement, Representative Zamarripa fired back accusing Manriquez of being anti-LGBT and forming partnerships with “ultra-partisan tea party” leaders of the Republican Party.
Insert WW here….How you get “anti” anything from endorsements and talking community issues I don’t know, but if I missed something I am sure I will hear about it! Anyway back to the drama…

Manriquez says that it is unfortunate that my opponent is making her sexual orientation an issue in this campaign. It is also disturbing that Zamarripa would rather use harsh labels and inaccurate statements to further divide our community and our state.

Again Insert WW here…doesn’t this sound familiar? Like attacking a certain chicken selling restaurant and their ability to have their own values and beliefs? A kind of politricks again….use a group and make it sound like someone is beating up on the group when they are not? This tactic does not work well. I thought we all had learned that by now? But again maybe I missed something here. Anyway….

Manriquez continued to say, “The recall is over. Governor Scott Walker won. It serves our community no benefit or purpose to have a representative continue to label and demonize the other side now that power is secure in their hands. The time for diplomacy is now! Labeling the majority leader as an ‘ultra-partisan tea party’ legislator serves no purpose”.

Manriquez stated that she can make things happen for the 8th Assembly District. She has the experience and negotiating skills needed to bring home “our fair share” of the pie.

Working to secure our share of state resources and working to unite our state is good for Wisconsin, good for the 8th Assembly District and good for our city stated Manriquez.

I am certain that drastic change is needed in Wisconsin Politics. How politicians work and how well they work together is a new frontier but one desperately needed!

I agree with Manriquez, the time for bipartisan work is now and the name calling and below-the-belt attacks are tiresome and overdone.  I do not think sexual preference is something most people care about over more important things such as jobs, education, and healthcare reform. Why it continues to be made an issue when so many people are without jobs and life/family sustaining benefits puzzles me.

At the time of press I did not get any word back from the Zamarripa camp regarding the press release and comments from the Manriquez camp. They are more than welcome to contact me to share their position or add to this discussion. I know during campaining it is hard to connect so I am not faulting anyone for that.

Peace Family,


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