The Drum recieved this in our inbox today. So what do you think? Is County Supervisor Harris taking the gloves off? Is this legit to put out on your opponent? Will Coggs respond to this alleged finanical backing? Do you have a problem (if you are a Democrat) with your pols taking money from Conservative interests?

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We knew this day was coming.

Scott Walker and his wealthy friends weren’t going to let us win this race without a fight. An out-of-state conservative group called the American Federation of Children, led by Republican party leaders, has officially declared that they will be devoting resources to electing Elizabeth Coggs to the State Senate. Republicans want to buy this election.

The American Federation for Children has been around for years and have spent millions of dollars into defeating progressive candidates. In the recent recall elections, they spent $1.5 million to defeat Tom Barrett and John Lehman. And now they have their sights set on me.

But I have the support of neighbors like you! Your help today will allow me to fight back against these out-of-state Republicans who are trying to buy this election. A donation of $100 will allow us to pay the postage on our next mailer.

Our goal is to raise $500 by Monday. Will you donate today?

Please send a check today to: The Friends of Nikiya Q. Harris, 7060 N. Presidio Dr., Unit G, Milwaukee, WI 53223.

If you cannot send a check, you can still use ActBlue, although they will not send us the money until it is too late.

The fight to protect worker’s rights to collective bargaining, the good health care for everyone, and the environment has never been an easy one. But by standing together we can move Wisconsin forward.

Thank you for your support.

Nikiya Harris