Mayor Barrett…How Much Longer on the Throne?

Taken from – Brian Sikma (5/12/12) According to the Center On Wisconsin Strategy, (COWS) a progressive leaning think tank funded in part by Wisconsin taxpayers, the statewide African American unemployment rate in 2005 stood at 10.9%. That was just 1.1 percentage points higher than the jobless rate among African Americans in 2000. But in 2010, the latest year for which COWS data appears to be available, Wisconsin’s African Americans suffered from a 25% unemployment rate.

In just five years, Wisconsin’s African American unemployment rate jumped 150%, with most of those suffering from the crisis living in Mayor Barrett’s Milwaukee.


A little Friday Fire…


The mayor has been in our CITY HALL for toooooooo long as our unemployed Black Men have suffered without jobs as downtown has boomed. He attempted to take over MPS a couple years ago, but in Typical Tom fashion he lost that one too (3x loser for Gov.). Why are Black People sooooo afraid to say that the mayor is ineffective and has done little (I’m being generous) to get Black Milwaukee back to work.

Don’t give me that ish about Talgo…that train has left. Century City is still a concept…where are the jobs? What legislation or serious proposal has Teflon Tom authored to address Black Unemployment in this town?

Check for yourself at the mayor’s webpage and look through the list of “Highlights” listed and find a SINGLE mention of BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT! Maybe I’m being a littl hasty…let’s check out the mayor’s issues on his website where he talks about economic development and job creation. Maybe the mayor talks about BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT here.

Nah, nothing for you BLACK PEOPLE!!!


Since 8 years have passed and study after study has been produced about BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT and NO LEADERSHIP has come from the mayor’s office, I suggest that maybe the mayor is a visual learning. If BLACK PEOPLE took over city hall and that section of Wells St. then maybe the mayor would understand WE ARE SERIOUS. Last summer, thousands of people went to Wall Street in New York and made a statement that they weren’t happy. A movement called “Occupy” sprung up all across the country.

Why not OCCUPY WELLS STREET and let the mayor know that he know longer has our support or vote.

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