Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs will join Will Allen of Growing Power today to announce the grand opening of Growing Power’s Deli & Food Market located in Bronzeville in the King Commons Development at 2737 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. in Milwaukee. The project was developed in collaboration with the Martin Luther King Economic Development Corp. and Welford Sanders, its executive director.

The grand opening will take place today (Monday, August 6) from 10 a.m. to noon at the location – 2737 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Media coverage is encouraged.

As part of King Commons (a development site of mixed-use housing and commercial space) this market is one of the first of its kind in the nation to be located in an area where fresh, natural foods are not always available. Growing Power’s Deli & Food Market will provide fresh, naturally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as other organic food products. The deli will feature daily specials made from fresh and locally grown produce.

Alderwoman Coggs said the development is a positive one for Bronzeville and the community. “Growing Power is an outstanding, groundbreaking organization and food supplier that is headquartered here in Milwaukee, and we are very pleased that this new development will help increase access for residents to get fresh, nutritious foods,” she said.

Mr. Allen, nationally-known farmer, founder, and CEO of Growing Power, said the new deli and market is a win-win for the neighborhood and the city. “The health of the community will definitely improve over time as access to local and sustainably produced natural foods becomes the norm,” he said.

Menu items are for dine-in or take-out and the “farmer’s market” will feature Growing Power’s produce.