Friends Of Nikiya Harris

8 days before the Election!

With the election only eight days away, I want to take a moment to tell you why I am supporting Nikiya Harris for State Senate and to ask for your support.

Nikiya has three of the qualities that I admire most: genuine integrity; a willingness to work hard to help her community; and the ability to listen to others. These qualities make her a great advocate.

In these volatile political times, the people of Milwaukee need a strong voice in Madison. Scott Walker’s attacks on our public schools, worker rights, and vital programs like BadgerCare and Family Care have hurt working families in Milwaukee.

As a native of the city and as someone who overcame poverty, Nikiya understands these struggles in a very real and sincere way. She has the leadership skills to take that understanding and turn it into concrete actions to help.

These are skills we desperately need in Madison where conservative Republicans threaten some of our most important values: educating our children; protecting the environment; our right to vote; caring for our senior citizens,; and supporting the public transportation that connects us with our jobs, schools, and churches.

I’m asking you to get involved over the next eight days to help Nikiya win on August 14th. Every door that gets knocked on and every phone call that is made brings us closer to victory. Please join me in working for Nikiya!

To help ensure our community gets the leadership it needs and deserves, call (414)333.1889 or click on this link. Just two hours of your time over the next eight days can make the difference. Let’s work together to make sure we elect a Senator who will truly fight for us in Madison.

Thank you for your support of Nikiya.


State Rep. Tamara Grigsby

P.S. Don’t forget tomorrow is the official opening of the Nikiya Harris Victory Headquarters at 608 E. Clarke St.