We wanted to take a moment to show our strong support for State Representative Elizabeth Coggs in her campaign for state senate.

Throughout her tenure on the County Board and the Assembly, Elizabeth has been a consistent voice fighting for the needs of our Milwaukee community. She has always been a champion for the working families of our state and has focused on key issues such as women’s health, and providing each child an opportunity to succeed through a quality education.

Elizabeth Coggs has has always valued public service, she has the experience, and she will continue to be a leader in our community.

With only 1 week left until the primary election, we’re asking you to make a small contribution of $6, $16, or $60 to ensure that Elizabeth Coggs is the state senator from the 6th district for years to come.

She has always fought for you, now it’s time to stand up and make your voice heard for her! Thank you.


Senator Lena C. Taylor and Senator Spencer Coggs