We know Sen. Taylor can hold court with a microphone. This video has some VERY INTERESTING one liners such as;

  • “But I refuse, to pretend, that it’s okay for people (teachers) to sit in the classroom and don’t do their due dilligence to teach children who look like me!”
  • “I don’t care who (teacher’s union) give me money!” – Of course not, she’s gets it from pro-Choice School Organizations
  • “Give it to me when I’m your (teacher’s union) friend!”
  • “Now, our charters schools, voucher schools, I’m so disturbed! With voucher schools we had people that didn’t even have a high school diploma teaching. People who were sex offenders as principals. This is not acceptable.” – REALLY SEN. TAYLOR??? So, now the minimum standard is that they have at least a GED to teach.