Found this commentary on Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines very intresting in some of the points made by the host. I think he’s dead wrong about Sheriff David Clarke having support from the Black Community because 4 black people called his show…In fact, I find that very funny.

His points on Hines were pretty spot on when he said NOBODY hears from Hines on anything, but when it came to Pres. Obama not getting support from the sheriff’s office he hit the ceiling. I thought the radio host also correctly pointed out that Hines knows he cannot (then, now, or in the future) beat Tom Barrett in a run for the mayor’s office. To me, that speaks volumes when the 2nd most powerful man in Milwaukee elected office cannot muster a serious threat to the throne. He’s been in elected office how long? And he has know base? Doesn’t even have the Black Vote in his pocket.

I just found the commentary to be very insightful and I would hope that Hines can listen to it as well.