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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dear “Republicans Who Are Black”: What Is Your Real Agenda?

Posted by at Thursday, September 06, 2012

I have yet to be convinced to the contrary that the ultimate goal of the “Republican Who Is Black” differs any from the agenda of the “Democrat Who Is Black”.  Their common goal is the advancement of their PARTY, while the condition (and consciousness) of the Black community is used as fuel for debate within the context of their political interests.
The “Democrat Who Is Black” merely operates from the inside of the “Black Community Consciousness Nucleus”.   He uses the full weight of “Racism Chasing Indictment” to assassinate his “Black Republican Brother” by erecting a “guilt by association” meme.
Despite the fact that today “RACISM”…………….

  • No longer defines the main channel through which Black people are murdered
  • No longer defines the construct through which Black people are housed in failing schools
  • No longer defines the primary reasons why, despite a favorable local governing body – a particular economic ecosystem fails to DEPLOY sufficient number of Black people into a formal economy, allowing them to apply their education, to provide services, and receive compensation in kind
While SYSTEMATIC RACISM should be judged as the RACIALLY BIASED ACT THAT PRODUCES INJURY BUT WHICH GOES UNCHECKED BY THE FORCE OF LAW AND THUS SHOWS GOVERNMENT COMPLICITY, today the overwhelming balance of what is labeled as “RACIST” is rooted in the POLITICALLY/IDEOLOGICALLY BASED SENTIMENTS of the “Black Progressive”.   The fact that this viewpoint, as expressed in the “Black Racial Services Machine” has dominate control over all of the “messaging” that goes on through the official channels in the Black community plays the most significant part in explain – not just the issues that BLACK PEOPLE ARE OUTRAGED ABOUT……………………….but also the far more important issue of WHAT BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE OUTRAGED ABOUT BUT ARE COMPLICITY SILENT ABOUT.
It is my “Matter / Dark Matter Analysis” technique that allows me to set a baseline of reactions that Black people express on one set of facts and then observe a difference as a different set of facts which produce injury come along but are handled very differently, mostly because of ideological and political bindings.

Even though the Progressive Democratic Party has its “fingerprints upon the steering wheel” as we look upon the wreckage of our Black community institutions – they affirm their present representation of the “Black Community Consciousness”.   Your task as a partisan opposition operative is to CONVINCE BLACK PROGRESSIVES that you would be able to “fail Black people less”.

(I promise you that this is not a hidden “Bashing of Black Democrats” disguised as a Black Republican bash.   I need to lay out the truth of the present orientation of the Black community BEFORE I condemn both of these sets of operatives for putting their interests in the American Political domain over what they know to be the truth about the problems within our community institutions) The “Black American” Is An American I honestly have no problem with a Black person associating his interest with any particular political party of his own choosing.  We have the right to vote but more importantly – We have the right to THINK.   We are free people.  We are equal human beings.
Though denied – Black people have access to all of the key institutions that regulate “justice” and “fair play” as we engage with other Americans, public accommodations, governments and commercial interests.  I argue that just as we would never claim to aspire to become a “Murder and Rape Free Society” – it is also true that we will never be a society that is free from RACISM.   The measure of racism is less about the INCIDENT of “racism”.  It is about the fair vetting of the claim and the appropriate adjudication as “The Law” is affirmed over individual advantage at the expense of another using his race as the key indictment.
If we look at the embedded interests, who are fully aware of our “integrated state” in America but who also is aware of the power of RACISM CHASING per this nation’s history – what is the force, WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, that can appraise these claims of racism and more actively reject them as they keep in mind that “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” no longer has credibility?
ANSWER:  You should not expect a self-interested party to practice self-restraint.  Since such a call would reduce his unchallenged monopoly he can’t be the source of this restraint.
The only deterrent to the fraudulent use of “Racism Chasing” in an effort to produce “congregational unity” is to go around the “American Political Domain” and force Black people to LOOK AT THE CONDITION OF THE NEST EGG that they claim to have engaged into American Politics to secure.
Though my sentiments are “Right Of Center” my protests are against the people who seek to pour milk chocolate syrup over a Progressive Fundamentalist core – knowing that most of “The Blacks” are going to go along with the scheme.
After the grand fusion between Democratic Interests and Black Community interests that are on display this week – the next task for sound Black community governance is to establish a firewall by which our “Black Community Development Consciousness” is never contaminated by the interests of an inside operative that compels us to look past the obvious “mold and mildew” within and focus on the shiny chrome plating that is presented to us to venerate and worship.
I can’t see how the “Republican Who Is Black” fits into this BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS REFORM effort which demands clarity on where our “Americanism” stops and the needs WITHIN our communities stand alone – and are connected to the fate of other Black people around the world.
The knee jerk framework is one of “Radicalism”. We are to get angered by the sight of Black poverty in the USA and destitution in Africa, Haiti and parts of South America. The truth is that TODAY as free Americans – we are squandering the construction of EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURES that go beyond mere “CONSUMER RIGHTS” in the context of an established government and economic system (despite being $16 Trillion in debt with “Magic Money”) .
There is a fundamental disconnection between the leveraging of our “Human Resource Development” institutions (schools, churches, community centers and auxiliary organizations) and the finished products that they must produce so that the change that we were SOLD via the political channel could be measurably demonstrated within our communities.