The Mother’s Against Gun Violence is having their annual block party in honor of the victims of homicide. We invite you to come and support us. Any contribution is welcome! We are in need of entertainment this year. If you would like to come and get to know what we have to offer we would welcome all.

Thank you!!

M. A. G. V. 9th Annual Community Block Party

Dear Neighbors and Friends:

Mother’s Against Gun Violence (M.A.G.V.) is an organization in this community trying to help stop the violence.  We hold an annual block party to bring the community together with food, activities, music and guest speakers. We work together with elected officials, other organizations and have created a website in honor of all the victims of homicides in the city of Milwaukee. We hold an annual Candle light Vigigil for all homicide victims every end of the year.

We attend prayer vigils with Micah and do others things with partnerships such as Campaign Against Violence, WAVE and many other organizations. We help grieving families and surviving children deal with social problems in school and at home. There is counseling and support offered to those in need. We are self-supporting. For this event we could use the donation of food, drinks, paper plates, plastics ware, games, supplies and things for this great event. We need your talent, sponsorship, singing, poetry, music, dancing and reading of GOD’s Word, let’s have clean FUN!!

Our event is scheduled for September 22, 2012. Thank you in advance for your support. Please send your contributions to MAGV, Seaway Bank and Marna Winbush one of the Founders, who can be reached by mail, address, fax number, or phone numbers which can be found below. To be held at 7th Capitol Dr. and 7th Melvina St. one block South of Capitol Dr. Vendors with donations are welcome. Time: 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.


Beverly Anderson (Carl Hall)

Debra Fifer (Kirk Bickham Jr.)

Marna  Winbush (DeShaun Henry Winbush)


Help Stop Children from Dying

Marna Winbush

Mother’s Against Gun Violence

3892 N 7th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53212

(414) 372-4358 Fax: (same)