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To Milwaukee –

What you will see in this video is the LEGAL LYNCHING of a young, Black Man which occured LAST July 6, 2011. This isn’t a joke, this is really police video of a young, Black Man begging for his life and for mercy of the police to just open the windows because he couldn’t breathe.

Let me ask you this? Would these same officers let a dog suffer in a vehicle the way they allowed another human to die within their eyesight? Something is and has been wrong in this city for far too long and WE HAVE BEEN PUSHED TOOOOOOO FAR AND TREATED TOOOOOOOO BADLY to let this murder of ANOTHER BLACK MAN stand. The mayor, the MPD, the city needs to be marched on with a force unseen in its history!!!!

Is this the spark which ignites our unity and freedom? Will we stand for Williams or will we bow down once again to our overseers?

What say you Milwaukee?

G –

PS I’m calling for the immediate resignation or termination of Police Chief Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett