A City Of Unrest-Exploring the Milwaukee Police Department & Black Milwaukee

And so here we are at the point where I sadly warned in a previous blog that this rogue police department might hurt or kill someone if we did not pay attention to the warning signs laid out clearly not so long ago. Anyway here we are….

So What Do We Now?

First Off We Need To Identify All The Problems of the Community

Derek Williams sadly is not the only issue on the table here. We have a city that is crime ridden and infested with guns and senseless violence. Police response time is slow, homicides are way up, and as we see some police are now playing Judge Dred. Think of the unreported cases of this type of behavior and the people in fear that have not come forward and will not report their stories. Imagine the people who may be one time offenders, wrongly accused, or simply got caught up. No Mr. Belling we are not all thugs and one day someone’s baby will die at the hands of a judge/jury MPD godlike monster. What will happen then? Now turn it around and think of the officers who are doing the right thing and the harm they are now facing because their fellow officers have now declared war on a community stirred up and untrusting of those who are supposed to protect them. This makes for an unsafe working condition for those officers who are committed to serving and protecting this community.


For too long the crime rate has been spiraling out of control. We have not gotten outraged at our own for the damage we inflict on each other. Where are all these guns coming from? Why are people being gunned down like animals. Just this past weekend 5 people were gunned down, one fatally. Where is the outrage and the protests against this? We cannot accept this either. We must be a consistent people.


I already blogged about police stops and speed traps that left young black men on streets in positions that looked very questionable.


These stops and traps were/are set up in specific areas of town that are designed to “catch us” and then I went on to question how these unfair stops leave young black men with towed and impounded cars, tickets, criminal cases and records. This then leaves them in the system and then makes them products of the criminal justice system and unable to find jobs and productive futures. This was and still is phase one of the brutality. It is still happening. However we watched and we did little. Some complained as I did but these traps and stops continue. They must stop!

Secondly, we watched as a police officer beat up a man on TV not too long ago. The victim was not black so it washed over us pretty much. Whatever the circumstances, it did not look acceptable to me and I did not buy the excuses, or Flynn’s defense of his rogue officers.

Look at the pattern. This has been going on for some time and we are going to need to identify and expose each and every misstep in order to correct and change the behavior that has been allowed.


Note that County Executive Chris Abele wants to use our city police to replace county sheriffs to staff county parks. This cannot be. City police are already out gunned and outnumbered in the city streets and we cannot afford to let Abele play politics with his sheriff department because he wants to assert authority over David Clarke.

If Chris Abele thinks that pulling MPD out of overrun city streets to put them in quite decently managed parks is the answer to anything in this city or county, he is not only telling us that he thinks nothing of our health and wellbeing in this city. He is also telling us that politics is his only concern above all else! That is scary! We need to watch him too. He and his henchman Farley took down Johnny Thomas so we must be concerned with who is next on his list. He too is not a friend of the black community right now! You may not like Clarke but he is a brother first and sheriff second. Remember that FAM! What is done to one is done to the whole.



There are a few different groups that are strong and organized. If we could get those groups to combine as one force for a singular cause this would scare a lot of folks. This time we mean business!

In speaking to someone last night I was reminded that this is not a black cause alone. This is a humanitarian issue. Very true indeed! That being said we should accept the helping hands that come our way and welcome and invite others who want to join us to do so. It only serves to make us that much more powerful. The purposeful murder of a human being in what should have been the safety of civil servants is a humanitarian issue.

We also should remember those who do not support us. Those who find time to make their way to the hood during elections but cannot find their way when we are in need of assistance. They must be called into question for their hypocritical actions. They really don’t care about us and only show up when votes are needed. They know who they are. The white van driving, fake community concerned folks who claim to care so deeply about us, but disappear when it’s time for real action. Come November 6th I bet they will show up and act as if nothing happened expecting us to get back into their warm vans and do as they say.

The common tactic here is to divide and conquer. Meaning if they can keep us fractured and separated using egos, power plays, lack of solidarity and other devices that typically keep us from coming together as one family, they will win again. As a family, we must stay away from the things that keep us separated and stand firm in one voice. In Milwaukee this is a difficult task because there is so much back stabbing and bravado that goes on behind closed doors, especially in Black Milwaukee. Gossip, innuendo, purposeful divisiveness, not allowing people to have their individual voice yet still be part of the family. These are the things that keep us separated. However I do believe that times like these either bring out the best or the worst in us. I chose to believe that this horrible event will bring out the best in us and that this young man’s death will not be in vain.


This common tactic always gets somebody and now here it is being used again successfully. Mark is the MPD union’s boy. They bring him out to run a screen play on us every time and it always works. He makes a statement and somebody uses their power that should be used to move the cause and then diverts that power of time and media to use people power to do what get an apology? Come on man? How kindergarten is that? We got bigger fish to fry! Game peeps game. You are being used to get people off message.

First off, words only gain power over you if you allow them to. If I were to let words people call me or use against me, have power over me, I would be in a crawled up in a corner somewhere crying and you would never hear from me again. Ha ha not happening!! So I ask why allow Mark Belling have this power over you? There is a now a “march” against Belling coming up which directly conflicts with the Williams movement. You have now become a mark for the opposing team. That is what they wanted and their screen play has once again diverted time, resources, column space, and momentum from the main, most important movement. In my opinion this is an error in judgment. Mark Belling has a show. He lives in America. He has a right to his silly, petty opinions and to express them out loud. If anything it is important we know “his truth” because his truth is many other people’s truth. It is better to know it than not to know it at all. Would you prefer we lived in a bubble of ignorance thinking everyone is standing with us? We do not have to like what Mark says, but we also do not have to support him by transferring his message, giving him ratings by listening in, writing and talking about Mark Belling (gross) rather than about Derek Williams and we do not have to keep building his audience for him. All of which we are doing now. I do not blame Earl or James at all. I do think their hearts are in the right place, but like with anyone you disagree with, you ignore them and they tend to go away or put them out of sight and out of mind. Mark depends on this tiny backlash for ratings and headline boosts. As an aside, I also question one of the people backing this particular movement who is not backing the Williams movement from where I sit. This person always has an ax to grind with Mark Belling so taking people off course must be called into question and we need to understand their motives are not our motives at all.

The movement is Derek Williams, the City of Milwaukee, and the community. We are not on Mark Belling right now. There is a time and a place for everything. Right now justice is what we seek and we need all hands on deck. Art of War, good book, get a copy and make use of it.


Just some months ago many people where knocking on doors, on our radios, on our phones, at our churches and wherever we turned there they were asking for our votes. Now they have disappeared except for a few faithful who are standing with us.

This almost makes me want to recall the very people we just elected and those “securely” in office. Some of these people, not quite elected, some still on the ballot in November (take note) have already shown they cannot be trusted to have our backs. They are not even sworn in and they are M.I.A!!

Some of our elected are M.I.A!! They nowhere to be found. This cannot be. Either you get your butts in these streets or we will hold you as accountable as we do Chief Flynn. Some of you are on the ballot in November but you seem to think you are a shoe in and therefore this call for justice does not affect you. I hold you to the same standard as I do the chief of police. Your silence is complacency!! Make the time!! Tom and Willie for far too long you have let this chief run rogue and not held him accountable for any of his mismanagement. And I will do you one more. When this chief got in troubles the mayor used that to have a chief he could control and make his b…….. Yes I said it!!

Now bear with me because here comes my conspiracy theory:

This is how we got here and how the MPD went rogue on this mayor’s watch…

Stay with me: Tom Barrett in his infinite wisdom knew he had a man down in Flynn, a man who needed cover he could provide. Barrett knew he needed a department he could control, a department that could furnish critical numbers, crime reports, give false safety and security, and provide citizens a feeling of a “happy and safe city.” Tom Barrett knew he had aspirations of getting out of the mayor’s office and knew that by controlling MPD reports he could make himself look good. What he did not count on is that this chief would be so infective that he would allow and look the other way while rogue bans of officers grew and flourished. Instead of investigating the many stories that Flynn knew full well were occurring, he decided he was going to support his troops no matter what. Thus that silly statement he gave regarding the Williams case when he should have kept his mouth shut. A good mayor knowing Flynn was going to address the press would have told him to shut the hell up and put him on lock down. Barrett sat and watched that train wreck so he could put him in the position of an expendable causality because he can no longer afford to cover him.

Back to reality: Barrett’s Bad Luck!

With a horrible economy and no clue how to create or grow jobs, Barrett decided to focus on the most revolutionary, job creating choo choo trains and even more important than that becoming governor of the state. He stayed attached to a president that left him for dead in the recalls, a president that gave him no hope or change for Milwaukee that he could bank on to get him out of the hot seat he current holds for another 3 years. So now he too sits next to Flynn and must be as accountable because he watched some of this mess unfold with the DA, with the Medical Examiner, with his own personal police force. No excuses!!

Barrett also did not realize that a horrible mayor 90 miles south of here would make for a crime spree that would reach to Milwaukee and back. Yes Tom Barrett’s luck is bad and is getting worse and he has no idea how to stop it. Now he has a city of unrest and it won’t stop because he requested a federal review. Oh no!! There is much he must do to make this right.

He is going to have to listen to us, he is going to have to do something with these officers, especially the ones who have prior offenses, and he is going to have to revamp his Medical Examiner’s office. Yes they need review too!! They too are just as culpable. Yet their carelessness goes unnoticed because we are not scientifically savvy as a community. All one needs do is think about general fact finding. The ME’s Office knows full well there was video evidence available to them at that time. At any time they could have inquired and opened their mouths to request squad car footage. So to say they did not know there was a tape they are just as much full it. Any Medical Examiner knows that squads carry video cameras and knew that this man was riding in a squad car and that they would need to secure any video evidence to help them piece together missing pieces to complete their investigation. Complacency has run amok all over this city and just laying it at Flynn’s feet is doing a disservice to all of the community in the interest of the Williams family and humanitarian justice!

Think about this. The MPD says they see this every day, people in custody, using stunts to get free or get air when in custody. It stands to reason others see “these excuses” or complacency at the ME’s office, at the DA’s office, court system, criminal facilities, everywhere in the city. The cops are not the only ones immune to compassion and humanity, so we cannot let this rest on the feet of one man solely because really there is enough blame to go around on so many different levels. Look at our complacency at the murders of our own by our own. That too is an injustice. It all leads to the fact we need to take back our city and our streets in a very bold way.

The time is now, the moment is now. Let this be the last death that unites us in this way. We have an opportunity to make real change and we can only do that by calling out all truths and all offenders of injustice to humankind.

Peace Family,


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