Why Obama Won and Milwaukee Still Lost


There are many aspects of the presidential election coverage to discuss but might I engage you on two other political thoughts you might have overlooked.

Addressing OUR Needs

Unlike other cities and states in the union knowing minorities would be coming in mass numbers to get out the vote, we did not take the opportunity to use this election to pass referendums and agendas that would help us directly in our own community right here and right now.

We all know Colorado passed the legalization of marijuana. Sure it is self-serving, but in a city like Milwaukee, a new tax base could be used to stimulate funding for those things we are always griping about that we need funding for such as MPS and Fire Fighters, our first responders. Now I am not saying go run and put pot on the ballot but there were many things we could have put on the ballot to assist a suffering  economy. We assisted with the trolley and other Milwaukee pet projects why don’t we put something on the ballot that supports Milwaukee where it is hurting the most unemployment and education? I hardly think the trolley compares to those outstanding hardships in our city and who would oppose such referendums to aid in the fight to create projects that would address either issue. Oh but our leaders offered no referendums or voter mandates. Nothing!

How about we use a voter mandated tax hike of a half a penny to fund Bronzeville, replenish home demolishing funding , job and career readiness programming/training organizations, police diversity training, or reinvest in the MLK ongoing development, or those projects that have been abandoned? Make it count, get out the vote, get whitey, and stick it to THE MAN!! I heard that all night, but yet, we only did one thing, stuck it to one man in theory, and really he is pretty rich so in a sense we really did nothing but gave one man his job back and the other more family time and the community more of the same void leadership we have become so used to.

If our Black leaders need advice for leadership to move them forward, we can look to the Puerto Ricans of San Antonio Texas. They fought for a better education environment for their children by supporting a Pre K-4 initiative that came with a tax to boot (of half a penny or so)! How wise to use their minority base to get something to kick that education gap right in the teeth for the good of the community. WOW impressive.  If only our leaders would create such change, or even think outside the box. One must wonder why not us, why not Tuesday night? We had the numbers, we had the muscle. What happened?



Did We Give Up Our Voice?

My other question is this; we allowed stars to use our radio airwaves to spread their message. This is fine but we did not give them our message. I do believe for every star we allowed to use our community to pander their goods, we should have also given them the story of Black Milwaukee and the things we are facing here. We are highly segregated, we are unemployed, we are facing police brutality and we have a horrible mayor who has not led the charge to care for our needs. We have many stories but none were told. We did not ask one thing of these “stars” now turned leaders of “ political justice.” We did not ask them to invest in us, to shop here, to stop here, and to see about us. Again we allowed ourselves to be used because most of us were star struck. They counted on this and once again we let our community down because this was a chance to tell our story and make them pass it on and make them tell it in exchange for our vote. Tell them to tweet about Milwaukee and we will put you on our radio or something. But instead we got nothing.

Is it so terribly wrong of me to want Milwaukee’s story to be told nationally? Is it wrong for me to try and stop the abusive cycle of being used over and over again with no gain?

I can respect the voter who voted with thought and principle. I cannot respect the sheep mentality and in the weeks ahead we will address that. In the meantime the two issues mentioned above are damaging because those things will hurt us the most. They were possibly once in a life time chances to do something for Black Milwaukee. After Obama is gone we will not appreciate this moment as we have taken so much for granted. This was a gift and we walked right passed it.

Peace Family,



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