Channel 4 WTMJ I-TEAM Report Exposes Its Own Racism!


“Liquor stores and gas stations able to cash in on food stamps, and take your tax dollars. That’s right. Alcohol and junk food can easily be bought with food stamps. The I-Team exposes who’s not enforcing the rules, and lets your money basically be spent on garbage.”

This was the tease to the story on Channel 4’s big I-Team’s expose on Quest Card/Food Stamp Fraud last night. Much of it went unproven, but it sure sounds like the I-Team was about to expose a mess here in Milwaukee. Not so! The only thing they did was expose racism at Channel 4 and a reporter, a brother who has some real issues with his own!

“Cashing in on Food Stamps” Jermont Terry


Remember November Tune Out to Channel 4!!

Last night as I watched the I-TEAM investigation by reporter Jermont Terry entitled “Cashing in on Food Stamps” I was outraged that Channel 4 allowed such outright racism to be displayed and who gave the okay for such a blatant misuse of journalism.

I could not help but wonder several things as I watched with horror as this story aired and worst of all perpetrated by a brother none the less. If you did not watch this story I encourage you to do so. And then for the rest of November please do not watch Channel 4 again until “the ratings” time have passed. Ask yourself the questions I ask below and then call Channel 4 and demand a retraction of this story. This story is racist, demeaning, and damaging to the Black community for many reasons. Frankly, I am a bit taken a back that Alderman Hines was used by the reporter and did not have a chance to defend the good businesses within the community who do provide quality services and follow the rules of the Wisconsin FoodShare Program. He completely snowed Alderman Hines. I am certain he did not share with Hines the story he was going to present. In these sluggish economic times, I am sure Alderman Hines would not have allowed a reporter to tie all businesses together and make Black urban businesses seem seedy like this story suggests.

For those wanting more information about the Wisconsin FoodShare/Quest Card Program please follow this link:

My questions about the investigation

Why was the report centered on Black businesses in Milwaukee’s urban area only? No other businesses were featured and no other store owners were showed in the story? What does this signify to you? RACISM!

Mr. Terry brought up several accusations like using Quest Cards for purchasing illegal items such as alcohol, tobacco, and other nonfood items. However he did not prove many of his allegations. He did prove that a couple stores were not in compliance by not providing healthy and nutritional foods. They had junk food; one did have a can of fruit.  He did not show any person purchasing these items or any items at all for that matter.

The next allegation “In each of those 700 stores, there’s a machine. It’s similar to a credit card reader, but it’s just for Foodshare cards. You don’t have to scan individual items, just enter a total, swipe the card, and the USDA gives the store owner the money–your tax payer dollars.”

Again Mr. Terry makes an enormous claim but again he fails to show where in any of the stores in Milwaukee or Wisconsin this is occurring. However the allegation leads the viewer to think that this is occurring all over BLACK MILWAUKEE! Again more racist allegations are alluded to but never proven. He also alludes that stores will not or do not provide itemized receipts and are ringing up false purchases in exchange for illegal items. Again no proof just accusations. Where is this occurring Mr. Terry? Who is doing this? When? Why bring this up if you cannot even show one piece of data, fact or how about a receipt? WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?

“According to USDA rules, booze and tobacco are forbidden. Store owners also can’t just use their Quest machines like ATMs. But there’s no itemized receipts, the USDA banks on honesty.”

Another allegation unproven but once it is put in someone’s mind, it might as well be fact. Again where is the un-itemized receipt? Where is a person buying alcohol/tobacco? WTH?

To top off all the unmitigated allegations the story is hyped up with the typical bass-lined music and shots of easily identifiable Black Milwaukee and Black people making the assumption even more verifiable to the viewer that Black Milwaukee is a cesspool of corruption and government benefit abuse all day, every day.

Family I think Channel 4 and Brother Jermont Terry need to feel our wrath. This story is a gross negligence to journalism and a disrespect to our community. It was unfair and a direct punch in the face simply for ratings. Remember it is November so they are desperate to bump up their viewership. But I will be damned if they are going to do it off the backs of our community.

Remember November Tune Out to Channel 4!!

Peace Family,


“Cashing in on Food Stamps” Jermont Terry

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