Are you aware of the Congressional Awards for youth? Link:

Brief summary:

The Congressional Awards for youth is a FREE, voluntary, non-competitive, non-partisan program for ALL youth age 14 – 23. It is inclusive, regardless of grades, athleticism, physical disability, etc. Advisors register and mentor interested youth as they set and achieve challenging goals in the areas of voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition/exploration, while working toward a Congressional Award certificate or medal. Participants may expect to work for several months to earn a certificate, several years for a medal. All awards earned are cumulative. Here is a description of the Congressional Award program, from their July 2012 newsletter.

Please consider encouraging Milwaukee high school students to work toward earning Congressional Awards. It is my understanding that the program began in 1979 and in the State of Wisconsin 15 participants have earned the Gold Medal, 22 have earned the Silver Medal, 215 have earned the Bronze medal, and many more have earned Gold/Silver/Bronze certificates. Help raise awareness of this fabulous opportunity.

One of the GIW volunteers is a youth who has so far earned the Bronze Congressional Award medal, and continues to work to earn additional levels of Congressional Awards.

Have a bright day!