What’s Goings On’s? Guess Who’s Back?

Issues from the mysterious Black Conservative with Issues.
One runaway slave fresh off the Wisconsin plantations.

Volume 43

Sometimes you have to ask yourself in Bernie Macs’ famous deep voice, “what’s goings on’s?”

Bernie Mac
There is no proper way to sum up various messed up situations. Bernie Mac, King of Comedy cut to the long and short of it by using this now famous phrase, what’s goings on’s. If you don’t know it, get the Kings of Comedy video or something and catch up. So let’s put some stuff out there and let’s get it on.

O! No not Ofrah the Other O (yes I mean Ofrah. It’s not a typo-Shout out to Madea!!)
One word and that’s all we need to name him that shan’t be named….
Guns, golfing, “shooting skeet,” honoring the fallen, helping the cartels. Everything but Blacks.
Being the runaway slave that I am, I compelled to speak on it so I will.

This needs to be said and if you don’t agree something is wrong with you. Already I heard in one FaceBook posting that the president cannot be at every funeral but damn if he should not be at this one!

How tragically sad is it that a young child is gunned down just a mile from the home of the first biracial (NOT BLACK) president shortly after proudly participating in a presidential inauguration. There is no attending of the funeral from this president but a few remarks from a press secretary. Worse yet there is little outrage from the Black community to demand the same outpouring of love and support that we saw for Sandy Hook survivors. This is not about drawing race lines to the point we make this a race war. It is about showing the same exact human compassion in action to the very people you demanded take off their slippers and house robes and begged for votes. And then he wept….

We continue to see unjust death and destruction of innocent Black families in Compton and South Central Los Angeles, once iconic Black family areas now overridden by Mexican cartels. This president refuses to lift a finger or address it publically and yet some reverence him as lord and savior. Lord and savior over whom? Not us, certainly not me!! Listen to Django tell it or a paid field negro and we are doing fine, but are we really? I can’t say that I am. Not until all my people are free, not just the Black elite who can afford to take years of financial hardships.

To add injury to insult your children are starving in schools where their breakfasts and lunches are “super” downsized to the size of a bird’s feeding while we as a nation are facing a poverty crisis including food shortages and quest cards used for everything but food, and our children have no real, true voice and suffer the worst. Look at it this way, your K4 child is getting the SAME EXACT LUNCH PORTION as your 12th grader-6 nuggets for everybody is 6 nuggets for everybody-NO SAUCE, NO EXCEPTION. Thanks FLOTUS!! Really? And why do we love her? This is your savior too.

taking it in
Yes let him turn around and look one more time and take in all that he has done. Isn’t it is sickening!
When will you all get it? He does not care and he is willing to put your families on the front line to keep his fake swag. He is a narcissist and I truly do believe that. I tried to convince myself that the man cared but I even I cannot keep up that lie. He is a classic narcissist!

I can’t even get into his job performance because the man is so busy running us down that I am trying to physically form the Underground Railroad for safety concerns now.
Okay fuel, need I say more? If this was Bush we would be lynching him with the constant banter of evil oil and wars for blood money, but O gets the pass as we continue to pay over 4% of the family income for our travel expenses.
Here are two more comimg at ya:
“In four of the last five years, he’s failed to submit his budget on time…”
“If the Prez was a white, male, Republican, Blacks would be outraged about the lack of diversity in the cabinet…”

For those who have inquired here is my response about my involvement in the last few weeks go around:
“What had happened was…” that a quorum of us Black Conservatives in the state decided that we are no longer going to be so quiet and reactive. We are frustrated, overworked, catching hell from both sides, and tired. We work the frontlines and fight the good fight. That’s where we are, that’s where you will find us. We do not have the time to mine the store and give people the common sense the good Lord birthed them with. Because we have not always been accessible or easy to find we have accepted our share of the communication breakdown. Now that we are “outed” and now that people know that they need to come see about us, all parties know what they need to do. We will no longer be tolerating mistreatment from any side or anybody. We will no longer be disrespected. If you thought WW was a pain in the ass before, just wait 2013!! You ain’t seen bouncing back.

Side note: Unlike fairies and pixie dust we Black Conservatives do exist and in abundance and unlike some of us, we walk the walk. WE ARE NOT NEW!!!!! We promote our Underground Railroad and its entrance. Unlike James T Harris and his kind, we runaway slaves pass along the knowledge to set others free. Folks like him bask in attention, they crave it like crack. They do not feel compelled to use their power to share the blessings and power bestowed upon them to uplift the whole. How else can you explain why he left and never passed the torch on to any other Black conservative or fully “exposed” Black Conservatives and organizations that reached out to him and supported the brother all along his journey here? Ironically his recent article talked about cornball brothers. He is a cornball brother so it is fitting his article would be chalked-full of inaccuracies as he himself is one as well. Yeah I said it!

In 2013, we are taking a proactive approach to things going on around us. We certainly are going to call out things and hold folks accountable. There will be no more “Kwanzaa ish.” Headline grabbers for attention because you had too many cocktails on your flight home will not stand. “Well that’s just him and you know he cray cray.” is getting old. I will not be the one to hold people back, or myself. Sometimes the truth needs to come out and the right is not exempt. I am not a politician bound by any rules. You want at me do you worst. Eric Von tried and he made me even more popular. Shout out to Eric and thanks! Much love and thanks for the follow up I am still waiting on. 
What is the point of talking tough if one does not back it up when it your sheep are not egging you on? Is it an act or is it real? I am still waiting on the transcripts and response…..tick tock, tick tock…

Going back to the article that caused the hailstorm:
There are many reasons that we are not on the same page as conservatives. We plan to take more proactive steps on our part. Yet I would be fraud if I did not say, yes it bothers me to no end that we still get treated like step children, yes I think the GOP, Conservatives, and Tea Party and their media outlets have a lot of work to do as well as apologizing. However I think we are beyond the point of no return. We all know what time it is and apologies are for the silly, integration is the only thing that matters now. Once we’re in then they will see what they been missing. Soul is the only cure! At present I think we are headed in a good direction and I do see progress. Admittance of guilt is the first step like in AA treatment right. God grant them the serenity. Michael Steele said it best so to paraphrase the brotha and many others before him, what the right needs to do; listen, meet, diversify, represent at all levels, , make yourself aware of us, make time to respond when we reach out (we are not the average customer), and use inclusive language when you do respond.

These things are being done now to some degree. Not well enough or fast enough to my liking. However we too have to make ourselves available and we have to let go of the anger and frustrations and get our issues on the table and keep them there by any means necessary. We have to hold people accountable but we also need the community to help press on whether we like the person in charge of our government or not. Waiting for them to fail just to prove a point is as senseless and stupid as praying to a fake savior.

bhm 2013

In the meantime since it is February, the shortest of months, meaning Black History Month…
Don’t forget to RTB


Recycle the Black Dollar! The focus this month is Black Economic Empowerment. Fill up on fuel on 8th and Atkinson, get your books and other supplies at Reader’s Choice, etc… Visit Milwaukee’s African American Chamber of Commerce, take your family and friends to the Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum or sign up for membership or get in on Alderwoman Milele Cogg’s One Milwaukee Project or the Bronzeville Project or visit her site at with great information. Sister Coggs is working hard and she honors the work of the true Coggs legacy and Madame Alderwoman Vel Philips every day. Do join her on FaceBook too! If you can get past her Liberal mess (she knows I love her! I kid, I kid!!). She has a lot of positive information for the community.
WW recommends the book “End of Blackness” Debra J Dickerson and the movie “Runaway Slave” by Pastor C. L. Bryant available on DVD for your February Black History Month choices.

All these people, places, and things are available to Google and I have mentioned them many, many times so I will hope you do.
One luv and do something positive in the month and every day. Educate 2 elevate! Do reach out to share the beauty of us.

Peace Family,
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