It’s been a minute Milwaukee. People showed up in my life and asked me to spend time researching some serious ish regarding this nation, this world and my people. One of the things we spent time discussing is gun legislation and whether or not my people are on the wrong side of this debate.

Let me be clear. YOU, EVERYONE has the right to do what they want in this country as long as you aren’t breaking the law.

Back to my commentary…in the video above, nuthead Ann Coulter tries her best to come across as the defender of the Black Right to own guns. She’s a trip so let’s forget the messenger…the messege is something different.

History does teach US (some of US) that the government NEVER wanted the Black Race to be armed. They wanted us mentally and physcially unable to do for self and protect our people. At the same time, the majority population enjoyed the freedom of the 2nd Amendment (and all of them) and have voraciously defended it.

All I will tell you is that I’m carrying and the steel will be hot and smoking when neccessary.

How can WE protect OURSELVES with the back of our hands in the face of someone armed to do OUR PEOPLE harm?

Look, the time is long overdue for US to understand that WE need to arm OURSELVES.

G –