Dahmer Really?
Friday night I was contacted by tearful people who have been hurt so much I do not know where they get their strength at this point.
Imagine being a parent of a murdered child. Now imagine that child is murdered by a notorious killer who did unspeakable things to your baby. The killer lives on infamously in various ways and you are reminded often of that horrid event, left to tell the story of your child that they were not some random person, they didn’t “ask for it.” Just some background…
Enter Graeme Zielenski who so carelessly used the Dahmer reference to once again remind these people how little their suffering means to him and the party he represents. This week families of the victims are drafting a letter to the Democratic Party calling for a formal apology. They also seek a reprimand but as of this writing they already have that to some degree. I will let them announce who they are and will leave them out of this story as it is political and as promised they will not be used in any political leaning story. I will share their story once it is completed.

We now see the true face of the Wisconsin Democratic Party unravel as its front man Graeme Zielenski compares Governor Walker to Jeffery Dahmer. And to what the comparison was, he never really fleshed one out. It was a wound he inflicted for no reason other than he could. It makes one wonder why he would say such a thing and who would allow him to act this way for so long that it became typical and acceptable behavior?

I must lie this squarely at the Party of the Wisconsin Democrats because this man has been long off track for some time and nothing has been done. It is not enough to say the leading communicator of your party is not liked and a bit unwell. It simply is inexcusable. I try to compare his actions to that of Walker’s PR person Cullen Werwie. Werwie would have been fired as soon as he hit the send button. However I have yet to hear from Democrats calling for any apology or reprimand of their Communication person.
Readers of the Milwaukee Drum know we have worked with some of the families in the past. We remember and honor their loved ones and we have investigated the cities broken promises to create some type of memorial that remembers their loved ones not the monster that took them. (Memorial being a fund/scholarship, a playground at the site, not a morbid reminder of the whole incident). Along comes Mr. Zielinski who so carelessly and recklessly invoked the name of the white man who not only killed innocent black men but again placed this city and our police department at odds with each other. That case had racial overtones much like the ones being dealt with now, not such good timing- i. e. Derek Williams.


victims heal
For the families we will keep vigilant about their pain and as they are constantly hurt, we will constantly be there to help them as best we can. It is all about community. We supported them then, we support them now.

Peace Family,