I thought this was a great picture to share….with all the changes to radio, tv and life in Milwaukee in general. Where do we see ourselves as Black Milwaukee? Are we working closer to getting our 40 acres or more to the 40 ounces?
For some I can see why this past week seemed like it was a 40 ounces kind of week but is there any good news to be found in our community? Maybe we need to hear it!
40 Acres News!
Although WMCS is gone for now, word is that there are several entities looking to reclaim it as a Black force again. This would be a solely Black radio station.
Listening to WNOV I heard many come over and give it a shot. WNOV is a Black owned station and needs our support. It seems like it has it and with the appearance of Eric Von on Friday passing on the mic to Sherwin’s Hughes so to speak, it seemed that there was a true passing of generation love and blessings for a truly successful venture.
We still got Eugene Kane on OnMilwaukee!!
Also thousands came out to the MPS job fair. Many committed to educating kids not to benefits and all the stuff people think people want when coming to MPS. These people were looking forward to educating kids. I am excited from their excitement!

Any other 40 Acres or 40 Ounces you would like to share??