Causes of Convenience  & The M.I. A. Leader

Brandon Johnson, Darrius Simmons and other cases “Leaders” seem to forget.
Funny when we needed support for the Derek Williams family it was not hard to find. Press releases, marches, weekly protests, tweets and FaceBook pages were found everywhere. Now the Brandon Johnson family is awaiting justice but little community activism has been done on their behalf.
So I ask you family where are those same “leaders” and groups that claimed to fight every injustice in this city and march and protest until this city complied with the people’s rights? Well that didn’t last long did it?
Brandon Johnson was the young man at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex who died in their care. Supposedly he died of complications of a broken neck he sustained in an injury. However he complained for some time and gave ample warnings. A simple blood thinner and he would be here today. His trial has been ongoing with no public outcry, no leader standing by with the family to give updates, no nothing. Why is this? Is he not worthy of the same love and support? Certainly this case has the same stink of foul injustice as in the Derek Williams case. Where are our leaders and was all that just talk? One must wonder!

Man’s family blames his death on nurses at Mental Health Complex

Asking around the community many reasons about “why” were shared with me. “There ain’t no money to be made!” “They can’t get no fame, they don’t care!” and “It’s over they heads!” Whatever the reasons may be, the community activists and groups that we have come to depend on were next to silent on this case and have been missing in action on a few other cases. Again Why? Does Brandon Johnson not deserve the same amount of fury that this community poured out for Derek Williams? Do we not owe it to ourselves to see that the Milwaukee County Health Complex is a safe place for all of us? After all it is widely used by this community for a variety of reasons and one never knows in what crisis we will find ourselves in the care of this facility.
Our Milwaukee County Board who usually has something to say about these matters was brief in this case, a county case. Supervisor Bowen did release one statement that I know of regarding this matter and it was quite brief. I know of no follow up and I am sure he will correct me if I missed something.
County Supervisor’s Press Release:
“First and foremost, my heart goes out to the family of Brandon Johnson. Mere words cannot express the magnitude of the pain the family is assuredly feeling right now.
“I want Brandon’s family and all of Milwaukee County to know that I pledge to do my part to ask the right questions and to seek information in this case.
“Additionally, I will do everything I can as an official elected by the people of Milwaukee County to ensure that all residents of all Milwaukee County facilities are treated with dignity and respect and are granted the medical care and attention they deserve.”

So family I guess I still have hope that one day we will find leadership that will be consistent and will understand you cannot pick up the sword and carry it sometimes. High profile or low, they all matter. We all matter. If you take the name of leader, king, organizer, etc. You have put yourself in the seat of that which is called to a different journey and that means you are called to take on injustices, not just the easy to organize ones, but the ones that require work and sacrifice. This family needed you and you dropped the ball. Our elected, if you pick one case, then you must remain consistent as well; otherwise you too look like you are rolling with the tides. Let us unite behind every injustice that affects our community or do not sign yourself up for that position if you are not ready for the responsibilities that come with it.

Peace Family,