No One County Board Should Have All That Power!!

The Milwaukee County Board aka The Titanic is about to go down. This time Celine Dion will not be singing and violins will not accompany the board to its watery grave. Instead clapping and cheering may probably be heard as this particular board meets its icy fate.
What’s going on and why should we as Blacks care?
Milwaukee County updates…
Recap: The board is divided, it is mostly “occupied” by horrid leadership seeming to forget whom they answer to. With that it has developed a nasty little pr problem. Because they are not well liked, many people question what they do all day to warrant fulltime status. This is the only board in the state that is fulltime and coincidently this is the most we have ever seen a Milwaukee county board work.


BTW…Anyone keeping stats, Chairwomen Dimitrijevic has told four mistruths about recent board activities and regarding decertified AFSCME union #48 despite being warned in an email to seek council. She disregarded that warning and kept it moving as if she was above the law. In the past year watching the Scott Walker Milwaukee County probe should have taught us all something. Marina was certainly quite vocal about that. Ain’t KARMA a bitch!!

Just a little background about the Chairwoman and why this board has a pr problem that stems from this leadership: She has a nasty disposition when engaging in simple dialogue, is disrespectful, and does not understand what humble/good customer service means. She has been known to bully her own constituents and how she came to be in charge of a board I can’t call it. I could go on…

I may not have been right a few times but this disaster was a sure bet. Sadly we will get to clean up Ms. Dimitrijevic’s me$$. Can someone say recall!! We do so love that word in Wisconsin so let’ stay consistent right?? RECALL!!
Now why do you care about what is going on with the Milwaukee County Board?
We are the biggest group using and in need of most of the county’s services. The impending deconstruction of this board which will happen no doubt about it will mean a loss of OUR voice about how the county runs its business and services. We (our representatives and some of the community “leaders”) tried to assist the power structure in place and her clique. “We” squared with Senator Lena Taylor instead of working with her to try put together some reform package that would have given us some control instead of no control. We just supported “THEM” again and held “town halls” and used the race thing but what came out of all that? I saw no strategy for our people to get on board with.

Side note: if you think some are weary of Senator Taylor, we are wearier of the NAACP and some of the so called Black “leaders” who have been defunct in our community for a mighty long time now. I may not always agree with Sista Taylor’s politics, but I cannot question her passion or her commitment to our community. Simply put we both care we just do not see eye to eye on how to get from A to B.


So I ask our 5 Black County Supervisors what is OUR Plan B? WHAT IS THE PLAN FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY? Because the end is near and this Titanic is headed for that iceberg. I see no steering this ship out of the path your chairwoman and your fellow board members have set course for when they decided to make contract offers with a decertified union, placed gag orders keeping even our County Executive out of the loop, and continued to live out a lie to the county offering up a fake reform package. Supervisor David Cullen makes it all seem as if this is business as usual, but I thought we elected each of you to issue in a “new day of politics in Milwaukee County.” Is he correct that this is how you all operate down at the county? I hope you call him out on that ish!

able podium
Seeing how Mr. Abele leads, I highly doubt we are going to be left without a lifeboat, but we are certainly once again left without a voice directly in his ear because once again we backed the wrong horse. We should have never been backing any other horse but our own. Why do we forget this! Damn I am tired of saying this, does anyone hear me? I can see working with people but we seemed to have been completely immersed in the Dimitrijevic plan. When we had town halls she should not have even been allowed to speak because we should have used every moment to strategize and meet and formulate our own thang!! She does not have our interests at heart nor does she care anything about us. She tryin’ to stay employed and empowered. Tell me I’m wrong!
We cannot afford to be tied to sinking ships and people with their own agendas that do not include us. We can only be true to one allegiance and one agenda and that is the Black community. We owe Marina, Peggy, David and their clique NOTHING, NADA, ZLICHE!! And it is time we start acting in the best interest of the Black community alone.
THIS IS WHY I DEMAND WE JOIN IN THE RESIGNATION EFFORT AGAINST CHAIRWOMAN DIMITRIJEVIC AND SO SHOULD THE ENTIRE BLACK COMMUNITY!! She does not have our interest as a priority and has demonstrated over and over again she will do anything to keep her job. If she will sacrifice anything, what makes you think she will not sacrifice us? Of course she will and probably has! Why are we supporting her?

Here is an example that I think we should have used. One member, Supervisor Deanna Alexander had the “nerve” to meet with her bosses, “Joe and Susie Taxpayer” and the board reamed her out for it publically. LORD, GOD FORBID!!!!!! I think that she got it right and our elected should have done the exact same thing. You all should have come to us when this first went down not ran up and strategized amongst each other. It looked bad like you all had something to hide. Placing blame on Alexander only made supervisors look even guiltier. You owe your chairperson nothing and us everything! The last minute Hail Mary “reform package” that was given to supervisors with one day notice and no public input, unlike the state’s proposal that had months of review and tons of public input was not satisfactory by any means. You can demonize Alexander all you want but the truth remains that she is sitting where we should be at, AT THE TABLE WITH SOME CARDS IN HER DECK WHILE WE AREN’T EVEN PLAYERS IN THE GAME!!
Another thing I wonder is why are we working with Dem operatives (Mary Laan-Move to Amend) and not so much with community activists anymore? I understand this impacts you a great deal as this is your job. I take that into consideration. However when you ran for these positions, this issue was not a surprise to you. We can blast and hate on supervisors, but I really wish for once it would be a Black person who would be investigative, watchful, and questioning. Instead we seem to be on sitting on the sidelines because we are not adequately prepared again.

Supervisors Bowen, Johnson, Mayo, Rainey, and Stamper II we elected you to lead from the front and usher in real change. (**Exception to Supervisor Rainey because he is very new to this.**) And I do say this with the hope and intent that you are working on something. I hope your response and/or your strategies are on the way. And please no more press releases that bring little to no action. I got so many of them from Milwaukee County in this session I can wall paper several houses along the community yet that has not changed the outcome of our living conditions not one bit. We have deaths in the county, one almost covered up by the county coroner and one at the county behavioral center. We have a County District Attorney’s Office that seems to not want to investigate or do much of anything for Blacks especially related to police brutality. So if you want to know what fuels my passion and anger, it has not been a good year for Blacks versus the county!

townhall meeting

Our town halls! Empty and why is that? Most people are done working with the enemy!

Again we play the typical blame game and with no real reform or response bearing fruit from our leaders. What we have now is possibly an easy out from the duty of true leadership and responsibility because we have too much likability of our “friend/leader.” Blaming “evil, racist, conservative whitey” or joining forces with the so-called “compassionate, liberal” is getting old and tired. It is not putting food on our table, jobs in our community. I think more and more people are starting to see this as clearly as I do. We need our own side!

In the next few weeks and months more is going to come to the light. We are only at the tip of the iceberg. It is time to get off this ship and chart a course for US because this board is getting cut like NBA coaches who ain’t in the playoffs. Don’t get stuck on that Titanic brothers because I do truly respect and care for you. Join in the resignation effort because it is a beginning first step signaling to us you also know the current leadership is a failed leadership and a fraudulent leadership. Demand accountability and why not set your sights for that position? We got your back Black!!!!!!!!

Peace Family,



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For all the latest Milwaukee County Board dealings and updates by my Latin Conservative brother that Red Fox Aaron Rodriguez!! who broke the news about meetings between the County Board and AFSCME District Council #48.
So far five of the 18 board members have stepped up to ask for the resignation of Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Mark Bokowski, Steve Taylor, John Wieshan Jr, Deanna Alexander, Jim Schmitt. We need to add our supervisors name to that growing list as more charges and more admissions showing clear knowledge of guilt emerge. Hanging on to a bad governing system only shows we are still standing on to the same old same old that keeps Black Milwaukee from ever moving forward!
Contact your Supervisors and tell them recall and retake our county:
Supervisor David Bowen

Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr.

Supervisor Michael Mayo

Supervisor Khalif Rainey

Supervisor Russell Stamper II