We Are the Drum Encore Show May 4th

CAPITA presents We Are The Drum at Lincoln Center of the Arts May 4th @ 7 pm

ONLY if the Community helps demand an encore….

As you know Community Theater is not cheap and We are the Drum is a production presented by the people for the people with a cast populated by a majority of Milwaukee Public School students. In these days where our kids, all of them are under attack “We are the Drum” presents Broadway-like theater at Milwaukee-like theater prices. You can’t beat that.

As a community we need to represent the production’s theme because it falls in April/May this year.  This is also the annual celebration of the over 200 days of the Fair Housing marches that showed Milwaukee and the country what one small community can do if it stuck together. WE CREATED HISTORY AROUND THE WORLD!! We must honor our past and remember and teach our youth and those who have forgotten what Black Milwaukee did to change the course of history. See Selma of the North: Civil Rights Insurgency by Patrick D Jones, if this is foreign to you.


 There is much to celebrate and to cheer at this year’s Drum and I hope to see you May 4th!! Celebrate our youth and help life them up. Too many times we focus our attention on the negative when we should also focus on the great and amazing right in front of us.

For community leaders this is a great chance to remember and sankofa. This one singular event can also inspire yours. Imagine 200 days of marching leading to a national revolution.

Please visit for more details. They have a FaceBook page and they are asking us to contact Dr. Gregory Thornton to help get the encore underway.

We Are The Drum will be shown (because I know you won’t let the kids down) May 4th at 7 pm at Lincoln Center of the Arts, 820 E. Knapp Street, Milwaukee, WI  53202. You can contact Dr. Thornton at 414-475-8393 or visit his page at


Peace Family,