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Paula Deen Recent Blatant Racism or Whoopsie?

People are debating the whole Paula Deen mess. I admit I initially went to bat for her. Rappers and the like use the term, so why get bent out of shape? We must clean our own house first right? If she did it once and was truly sorry well who am I to judge? Low and behold more and more links and posts to her current racists outburst are coming out and I am not so charitable these days. In fact I am getting angrier that these things didn’t come forward before.


Even more curious to me, many white Americans knowing there is more to the story are lining up in droves to support her. I know there is a different culture in the South. But is it acceptable to support her knowing what we know now? What does their support say about hidden racism coming to light? With a bi-racial president, we sure have not gotten far on the whole “unifying” thing have we? In fact I think he has divided the country even further. But that is for another day.

I submit for discussion and education this segment, a piece from the Wendy Williams show. In this segment towards the end, Deen makes a comment I find racist and demeaning. I ask you family what do you think? Am I blowing it out of proportion? And why is “Rev.” Jesse Jackson defending this woman without all the facts in yet? Who made him the Black American representative? I don’t recall an election.

Wendy Williams Show/Paula Deen Racial Incident 2012



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