Body 2   Introduction:  Every Fitness Trainer has a beginning… here’s mine.  My name is Maurice and I am a Certified Fitness Trainer. I am a Multiple Sclerosis Survivor. For those of you who don’t know what MS is, it is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). The symptoms vary because the location and severity of each attack can be different. Episodes can last for days, weeks, or months. These episodes alternate with periods of reduced or no symptoms (remissions).

Fever, hot baths, sun exposure, and stress can trigger or worsen attacks.
It is common for the disease to return (relapse). However, the disease may continue to get worse without periods of remission.
Because nerves in any part of the brain or spinal cord may be damaged, patients with multiple sclerosis can have symptoms in many parts of the body.

My Story of Multiple Sclerosis

My very first symptom was back in 2002 and it only consisted of my right side with slight numbness that lasted about a week and a half. I was doing a little physical activity so I figured I had a pinched nerve.

My second and most severe episode that led to my diagnosis was on May 28, 2006. The week leading up to this date of me being hospitalized was like the first episode in 2002, but the numbness got worst and weakness started to set in. My neurologist, Dr. Michael Mitchell and his team were great for taking care of me for the week I was in the hospital. They ran every test possible to figure out what was causing my numbness and weakness. Spinal Tap, blood work, MRI, CAT scan all came back negative except for one that showed plaque on my brain.

But despite the great care at St. Mary’s by the lake, my symptoms got worst by the time I left the hospital, to the point where I lost my balance, also the strength and feeling on my entire right side. Basically, I was partially paralyzed and the doctors had done all they could at that point.
Here I am, a 25-year-old man who had never done any drugs or drank any alcohol and I’m sitting in my room unable to move with tears in my eyes. I can’t lie… anger set in… Despair as well came and went. I felt stuck, alone, weakened. This was my lowest point in my life. Suicidal thoughts spun around in my mind and all I could think of was the over used words, “WHY ME?”

It was June by now and the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks were playing in the NBA Finals and I’m watching these players run up and down the court like I had done so many times myself. Now here I am, barely able to use a walker to get to the bathroom on my own. To say life isn’t fair would have been an understatement. I no longer qualified for my mother’s health insurance because of the age cut off, so rehab wasn’t an option… so I thought.

I have always known without knowing I was cut from a different cloth than others. All the depression I first felt had left my mind and body. Since I could no longer go to rehab, I decided I would become the rehab. I started doing wall sits to try to regenerate the nerves in my right leg. I think that helped because my balance finally came back to where I didn’t need to use the walker anymore. I used the first two steps in the house, just stepping up and stepping down and eventually I did the entire 14 steps from the first floor to the second over time.

July and August had passed and I was getting stronger, slowly but surely. My birthday was in September and I was doing much better… I still had weakness in my right side, mostly my right foot. It was dragging a bit… some of my friends said I had a pimp’s walk lol. But seriously the road was difficult and will continue to be difficult.
My faith in God, my stubbornness to not be defeated by MS factors in to what I am doing today… I was certified in April as a Certified Fitness Trainer. In addition to fighting multiple sclerosis, I have to battle my family*s history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease among others. I can either sit and wait for these diseases to destroy me or I can attack first. I chose the latter.

My first order of business was to get healthy from the inside out and that starts with consuming the right things that will help my body. Tea is a BIG part of my daily living. Start a tea collection; the HEALTH BENEFITS are ASTONISHING… Oolong, White, Black and Green teas are great. Brands: Choice Tea, Yogi Tea, and a new brand I started drinking last week The Republic of Tea 100% White Tea. Replace your morning coffee with these teas.

What you eat; chicken, fish grilled or baked fruits & vegetables. Water water water.
Exercise as much as your body will allow 25, 30, 45, 50 minutes of cardio. Daily stretching in the morning and before bed will help to keep your flexibility. Strength training is crucial to our well-being. You don’t need to lift heavy weights, exercise bands are great resistance, and our own body weight is great as well. Push-ups, sit-ups, my favorite pull/chin-ups strengthen your arms, forearms, core and back.


If you are tired of being unhealthy and are committed to changing your lifestyle for the better, please contact me so we can begin your path to a healthier life today.


Maurice Haywood
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