They say young Black boys/men like me don’t exist… They say we need more like you. They say Black boys/men are a dying breed. Being honest, they said I wasn’t going to make it, but look at me now! Look at the many others who still stand after society told them they wouldn’t, couldn’t, or will never amount to much more than a thugs, drop out, inmate, or a nobody. Everyday I walk into a classroom, group home, or down a block in Milwaukee, New York or any other State in this country I see myself in one of these boy’s eyes… looking for purpose, looking for answers, looking for destiny, looking for change, looking for someone to tell them they can make it and someone who’s willing to extend a helping hand to ensure they do. I ain’t the only 1 looking to give back. I ain’t the only 1 who wishes to save a young Black boys life. I ain’t the only 1 who’s fighting for Justice within “Just Us”, who took it upon themselves to be the next one. There are many brothers just like me, owing businesses, working hard, loyal to their families, taking care of their children, being responsible part-takers in society. Every time a t.v. is turned or radio turned on in mainstream media, they continuously paint Black boys/men who are just like me in a negative image, exploiting my race, disrespecting my culture and pride as a Black Man. The problem is that young Black boys/men like me don’t often get the opportunity to excel in life because of whatever reason under an unjust system and are often lost voices in the process of change. My goal is to tell the stories of the young lost unspoken voices and hopefully help other brothers like me become story tellers of their world, because again I say… I Ain’t the Only 1.