There was a time when the world didn’t care to know what Blacks in America went through. The everyday fight for justice in the civil rights era movement where men, women, children & babies walked miles to no turning back; beat with bottles, attacked by dogs, sprayed with water, called names. Told not to take another step toward truth, justice, and dignity as a people. King’s dream was to join arm and arm in the name of love, to protect our freedom at all cost, even if that meant some blood be shed for the greater freedom of mankind. The greatest civil disobedience one can do is to take to the streets and call upon the name of truth. The world watched as awareness became the greatest tool for protesting, sit-ins & boycotts. No longer could America remain silent… they marched in hopes that people would see their pain and do something about it; say something about it. If we look at the larger world today, the world is in revolutionary times, taking to the streets in demonstrations by the hundreds to thousands. In building a better tomorrow today in the 21st century; one where our children can grow up in a community of love, where our people in need can come to us for help without shame, where we can walk down the streets hand and hand. To me, the greatest parts about the walks/marches are all through history our youth have heard about movements of the past, but failed to see the connection in their everyday lives. When they see us now, it begins to make sense, they begin to see themselves as King once did, as X once did, as the Panthers once did. The youth feel some type of way like never felt before, the adults feel some type of way like never felt before, the community starts to feel some type of way like it’s never felt before. It’s not what we can do that day, but the seeds we plant that began to raise a new nation of people who are ready for change, who are tired of death of their people, who are getting prepared to stand and fight back for what’s right.  All at the same time it’s a cleaning of oneself; having to sacrifice oneself for the greater good, learning oneself, bettering oneself. Expect of oneself what we expect of each other. Knowing no man/woman is greater than the next. I Believe they marched then as we do now, so we all can live a prosperous journey toward the Kingdom made for all God’s children… hoping people would see our pain, struggle & fight and act.